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We at Young Writers Project are always so appreciative of your participation in our annual writing extravaganza -- Vermont Writes Day. It was great. We are keeping this site up -- on a look only basis -- so you can read some of the wonderful posts. Some are funny, some are sad, some are outlandishly imaginative. All this shows how much kids like to write when given a chance to, well, just write.

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There is potential in the way Earth spins, 

like it doesn't  that anyone is watching 

or that it's off center,

or even that it revolves around something

more powerful than itself. 


There is a beauty in the way we notice the art of it. 

We rise in the morning,

throw ourselves into the glory of leaving,

catch a train to the mountains

to seize the last glimpse 

of another fleeting day. 


We are not duplicates

and we know what it's like to lose somebody.

We savor the honey light.

We are the unnoticed slant 

in the word Earth

Yes, I'm a girl. Yes, I play baseball.

Yes, I'm a girl. Yes, I play baseball. 

I'm thirteen years old, and I've played baseball my whole life. Where I live, there about two teams per age group in our league, so the people who have played for a while are mostly used to me, but I know other people on other teams are watching. I am guilty of the same thing myself; when another girl is playing on the other team, I'm not proud of it, but I don't expect much. 

This year, though, is the most confident I have felt playing. My birthday was in May, so I was younger enough to play Little League another year. Because of this, I was the oldest on my team, but there was a boy my age on the other team in my town. I played first base most of the time, which I had also done the year before. This year, though, I finally felt confident in my hitting skills too. I hit 3 home runs during the regular season, which really helped me feel confident. Then over the summer, I played on the all-star team, for which our town's league combined with another town's league. I knew most of the boys from both towns, but I could feel them watching me. I thought I heard one of them ask someone from my town's league if I could hit, which was kind of annoying, kind of expected, and kind of motivating. One of the games, we had a great comeback that saved us from elimination, and afterwards, we all got pizza and that was one of the best times of my life. We got eliminated soon after, but it was still really fun, and then I was left with another question: What was I going to do now?

I could either play on the middle school baseball team or the middle school softball team. I felt, and still feel, like a lot of people are watching and waiting to see what I am going to choose. Well, if you're reading this and think you know who I am, I'm going to play baseball. We'll see how people react, but that is my decision and if you don't like it, that is your problem. That is my answer, that is me, and you aren't going to change that. 

The Deepest Hallway

The hallway was never-ending. It sloped up-up-up, never stopping to give me some air. The concrete walls seemed to close in on me as I ran, screaming, up, up towards the sky and up towards heaven. Up to where my mother is and my grandmother and my great-grandmother and my great-great-grandmother. Up, where generations upon generations of my clan, the MacLennans, are now.


Ainsley needed my help. She was lying unconscious below me, bleeding steadily from a cut in her arm. Her arm was broken. Her back was broken too. I had promised her that I would take her somewhere amazing before her surgery.


Ainsley has scoliosis. She has it so bad she was getting surgery for it tomorrow to get metal rods put in her back. She won’t be the same after so I promised her to take her somewhere amazing. This hallway was the only thing I could think of. Airy, bright, with concrete graffiti walls and barred windows every so often, I thought it was beautiful But now, below me, Ainsley is somewhere, stuck, bleeding with broken bones, unconscious.  I needed to help her. I told her I could run up the hallway, and continue to run until I reached something or someone that could help us. Right now, I don’t know if Ainsley is dead. Or alive. Is she awake? Is she ok? Will she be helping herself heal when I get back? Uncle Finn would kill me if I came home without her.


Ainsley and Uncle Finn are my only living relatives in this country. As am I to them. We love each other. Ainsley is three years younger then me, but we are best friends. People wonder how we get along so well. A sixteen year old and a thirteen year old? Really? But we stick up for each other.


I continue to run, faster, faster until my lungs are begging for air. I am light-headed and parched. I need to reach someone to help me. I must have run three miles. And before that, at least four with Ainsley so I am far, far away from anything I know. All that I know is that this hallway spirals around our city, reaching up, up, up.


I’m reaching the top. I can tell because the last window I reached, I could see the city below me. I run the last few meters  and reach a door. I don’t know where the leads. But I’m going to open it. I need to. For Ainsley. For home. For my family above. For my heritage. For my life.


I run and hit the door hard. It flies open on rusty hinges. I tumble forward, barely catching myself from rolling over the edge. I stand up carefully and take in my surroundings. I’m standing on a precipice. A balcony above the city. I am in the clouds. I am the clouds. I am falling. I cannot help Ainsley now. She will have to help herself. I see my family. I see everyone. I pass Ainsley. She is already here, smiling at me. I feel a jolt and then I am standing on the top of the hallway again. I see my family smiling at me. It’s all over. I am home now.



I stared into the starry night sky, my wings steady and stable. I as I watched the sky I was oblivious to the danger below… so many regrets followed that day.

My feathers ruffled silently in the warm summer breeze, the sky looked a hundred fireflies. The feeling of flying, I had felt so many times before yet every time felt like a first. I did a barrel roll, tucking in my wings falling slightly to the left. My gaze shifted to the ground below where my family was, and where I knew I didn’t deserve to be. As I watched the trees and brush skim by, metal. A shiny metallic silver was soaring near ground level matching my pace.

I glared down at the object. 2005 Drone-bots? I thought they stopped sending those after us… I tilted down my wings towards the Drone-bot and began towards it, it should be an easy fight right? The last-thought-to-be Drone bot made a jump upwards revealing it’s true form. Startled to see that it was actually a human in a full suit of armor I had forgotten to flap and dropped about twenty feet practically right above its head I jerked up when I saw the surprise on their face.

happy times

Before the great disasters, the people were happy, the children would play among the tall oak woods, the people would go to work, the elders would watch there grandchildren play in the woods, life was good then. mars was a dull, dusty planet with crowded cities and building of all sorts, it was crowded and load filled with people looking at there phones or on some sort of computer. What happened to the earth people can only keep back in there head, always looking for a distraction, never satisfied, never the same, this new harsh reality was cruel, slow and painful humanity had never survived for this was a whole new reality, a world the no one could touch or feel or know the feeling of happiness, they knew the never should have tried to use their technological beasts to stop global warming, for the disasters they ha created had ruined their perfect little world with all it's little imperfections, that was when the world was happy.


Once upon a time there were four sisters and each of them controlled a different season, Snow controlled the winter,Sunny controlled the summer,Autumn  controlled the fall ,and Tulip controlled the spring.There mother and father both controlled winter their names were Jack frost and  Krystal Frost . One day Tulip fell in love with a man named Max but when tulip brought him home to meet her family disproved of him because he had no magic like them but Tulip loved him so very much and he loved her the same . That night she planned to run away with him.  The next day she was nowhere to be found  the knights and guards looked every where but she could be found meanwhile she was hiding in a forest where none could find her but one night they found then her mother and father approved  of her husband and they live happily ever after.  THE END