Some people believe that forests are enchanted places, with elves living there. Write a story or poem about the forest elves. Or tell the tale of a person who doesn't believe this, but then something happens to make them less certain.

The cave

One day I was walking through the forest on a blistering winters day, I was on my way to go to my friends house, hes named Bill.

on my way I saw a shadow of a caped little man in the trees on the blinding snow, Were my eyes playing tricks on me or is there a creature that was watching me, i ran. As fast as i could but I still could feel the creatures eyes burning into my back it was scary.

I heard a swooshing sound a then a tiny little man grasped onto my back peircing through my jacket it hurt, i felt a huge gash in my back i tried to move but it was so heavy or there were more six seven eight of them were clawing at me, putting salt into my wounds i felt a huge club hit my head and the last thing i remembered was waking up in a cave in a chair locked up in a cell and this is when i wrote this.


The Evil One

So you know those elves that work with santa? Well if you do then don't think about them, think bigger like whats other than those Good elves that deliver presents to you, think about the evil ones like the one called the evil elf.

The Day I met Ishrick

              My name is Bill, when I was younger my mom told me about the magical forest elves. She said this if an elf trusted you they would grant you 1 wish. I told her that I did not belive her. And she shrugged and walked away, but soon I was grown up and I had learned that all things in storybooks were not real. But when day I had been in the woods trying to get proof that the elf were not real. I knew I had to be very quite still. But then I saw it, an elf, of what looked to be an elf was hiding in a log. People had always told me that the elf was not real, then I saw my mothers face. I told her I saw her and she came out. Then I yelled at her "mom! You know I was at work I took a video of you and by the way, may I remind you that that was live, I turned the video off but my show is called #myth. Know people know that for once I was wrong!" I stalked away promising myself to tell people about the incident. I would tell them the next day  at the same place

            But this time I saw another elf! Then I saw my moms hair I said the same thing I had said yesterday. She said she would not do it again but when she walked away I saw another elf this one was clearly real! She said her name was Ishrick and she had known me for a long time, she said now that she trusted me I would get one wish! What did I wish for? For him to be my friend forever!


elves are cool

Elves are cool because they are immortale,they are great with the bow,they are tall,they have long hair,they can be magcle,they can run fast,and they can fight very well.


 hiking. My least favorite activity I mean what's so fun about going on a random trail that has no grand finale or boss fight, why not just stay home and play video games? I'm not outdoorsy you probably figured that out from what I just said however my parents have a different view on things so that's why I'm hiking right now. Wait where are my parents? oh no! and what was that, I heard a tree fall. Okay,just stay still that's what your'e supposed to do when you're lost right? I'm freaking out I can't hear my parents and I see shadows moving swiftly around me . behind me I hear a leaf crunch, a leather sack is pulled over my head and... Oh no I just woke up and who are these people they are baring bows and arrows and some of the people are wearing thick leather armor "what should we do with him?" I hear one ask without thinking I blurt out "what do you mean what should you guys do with me?!" the expressions are their faces has changed from calm and emotionless  to surprised and shocked

the elfs that once lived

There once lived elves, mythical creatures who lived in a dark oak forest. They all had friends and food to live. These creepy little elves always played mushroom ball. They tossed a mushroom top around until the giant humans came and squished them ALL!!!!! There was blood and guts everywhere. Some elves lived by hiding under a clover or small rocks. They are kind of like shadows they can go anywhere. Some just got hurt a little they survived with only a broken leg or arm. There where still others around the world, and little did they know the humans where coming!!!!! The others were busy dreaming about cupcakes and rainbows. They where hiding in an underground giant city. One day the humans were running around and the underground city all caved in and they died!


the elf

  there was a elf that did not think houmines  wear not real but one day he saw one he though they wear fassuntating

but one day a man that hated elf saw him and he got a gun and shot the pore elf and the elf and houmines wear at war ever sens                                                                 


the final fight

one night in the light of the moon the grey wolves where stalking the elves. they surrounded them and said "give up now mistress" to the grand elf queen. the elves made a hole in their lines and retreated to a high hilltop. then the arrows came. the arrows from millions of elves hailed down on the grey wolves. thier ranks  where shattered and fronm the hilltop came the ringing voice of the queen: "this is the final battle!" she said and from behind her camea swarm of elven spearmen who came to decemate the remaining fragments of the grey wolves. but the grey wolves wherehardy and trained meelee fighters and where obliterated by the elves but at a high elven price. to keep it short many troops where lost and the grey wolf general escaped to join the rest ofthe kings army.

Forest Elves

 "Forest elves aren't real!" yelled Katie to her friend Stephany

"Yes they do!" Stephany yelled back "

then give me prove!" Katie yelled 

" I don't have any quite yet!"

"then ha forest elves aren't real!" Katie yelled for the last time.

         The next day Stephany awoke from a nice sleep were she dreamed that she was walking through the forest behind her house and she saw a forest elf and followed it into the forest elf world. Today was a Saturday and Stephany was worried about how Katie and her had had a big argument about forest elves. Stephany was so worried that she decided to call Katie and see if she wanted to come over for the day, Katie said yes. Later that day Stephany and Katie went into the woods behind Stephany's house and decided to talk about the argument they had the other day. As they were walking Katie thought she saw a animal or something following them. She told Stephany what she thought she had saw. The both stopped walking and listened to the forest around them then both of them saw the flash and a forest elf came into view. Katie nearly fainted at the sight of the elf as Stephany gasped then all of the sudden the forest elf was gone. Stammering Katie and Stephany made their way back to Stephany's house. And they never had the argument about forest elves ever again. 



"They are not" Jack said him and his frend Tom were arging about if elves were rell "then lets go in together" see howes write then. "Ok" replied Jack they wanderd arownd they hered and then a twig snaped they stoped in thier trackes "what was that?" Jack asked "me" a tall man sed" he hald long white har and a bow and arows "my name is Cram I am an elf me and my civelisashon live just north of you would you like to see it?" "yes" the boys said "ok" he chukeld he led them a wiell and then a clering