Describe a time, real or fictional, when you have to summon up your courage. Focus on the actual "moment of truth," when time slows down and you have to commit to breaking through. What happens and how do you feel afterward?


Courage is attained in many ways. Some through birth while others through experiences. Those whom have no way of either can always use liquid courage. Liquid courage is just you but drunk. Something like that I wouldn't know. There's a difference between a courageous person and a foolish one. Courageous people usually are built stronger and are good leaders. They also have less fear then the average person. (I think so at least I didn't study this)

Slow motion

My lungs are burning as they have never burned before. Every gulp of air I try to swallow seems to escape my grasp as soon as it came. My legs are screaming for me to stop, but I can't, I know I cant. If I stop running now I will never be able to start again. I need to reach them. I need to make it in time. Time, my biggest enemy. I hope I have enough. 

Deep Down

 It was a normal sunny day. I was at my grandmas on a hot summer day. My grandma and my sister were in the pool. I was about 5 at the time. I decided to take a brake. I took of my swimmies off and started to relax. When I opened my eyes I could see my grandma and sister paying with my favorite toy. I got really tense and I jumped in the pool with no swimmies. I went down and sank. At first everything went dark, but then I opened my eyes and all I could see was blue. I was scared, I tried to stand up, but I was to short. I decided I would enjoy the time I had just an case I was gonna die. I was sure that was gonna be the end. All the sudden I see my sister come down to the bottom of the pool. At first I thought she was a mermaid. I was super happy. Then I thought mermaids are not real I must be dead. Then after a second I realized it was my sister and she grabbed me. She brought me up to the top of the pool and I coughed up so much water. My sister saved my life. My grandma was crying and so was me and my sister. That was the story of the day I almost died. 

Not Enough Courage


So much courage,

So much courage it takes to stand up for yourself.

To show the real you.


Whether it’s being called out in a group for not owning a pair of shoes,

not having as good of grades as your siblings,

or being called names for absolutely no reason at all by classmates you don’t even speak to.


The pressure, the nerves that won’t leave your side.

Feeling fear for absolutely no reason at all.

It doesn’t make sense why some of us feel the way we feel.


Our self conscience always in the way.

Never allowed to have any fun.


The butterflies leave my stomach.

Im almost ready to speak.

But moments later they return, like they never left me.






Courage is something you feel,

What you feel when you stand up and do a presentation.

When you stand up to that bully that is spreading rumors about you.

What you feel when you are trying something new.


Something that a lot have people have,

But keep it locked up in a cage deep down.

Something that a lot of people use,

 To express their feelings

Or use to stick up for themselves

 Used to stick up for the ones that have their courage locked up.

This is courage



We live in such a small world,

In a small town,

In a small school,

In an even smaller family,

In a small house.


We live within ourselves,

In our own personal small worlds,

Ignoring our small school,

Avoiding our small family,

Wanting to leave our small house.

But, we can’t.


Existing vicariously through the people,

The people who do what we wish we could,

Who do what we wish we would,

What we should,

Good grades, skilled in sports, musically talented, artistic, Succeeding,



Pressure closing in,

Our claustrophobia suffocating us,

Like a fish out of water,

Flopping around without purpose,

Without hope.


And all at once, we’re finished.


We’re finished waiting around in our personal worlds,

Finished ignoring our small school,

Finished avoiding our small family,

Finished wanting to leave our small house,

Rather than wanting, we do.


We make it happen,

We pull all the courage from the bottom of our hearts,

Like it’s the last chip in the pringle can,

And instead of, ignoring, avoiding, wanting,

We do.


Basketball Fouls

So it was in the morning when I had to get up and get ready for my basketball game at 9:15.  I woke up and got ready then my dad yelled Rihanna get your stuff together and hop in the truck so we can leave.  I grabbed my stuff and ran out the door, when we hopped in the truck we got stuck in the driveway, so my dad had to call the plow guy and since the plow guy lives like three feet away from us he came very quickly.  Finally we got to the gym where I play basketball everyone showed up except for logan are point guard.  He showed up and there was 1 minute on the clock and he got fouled and then I got foul and had to shoot two and by the time I got fouled there was 1 second on the clock and we were tied shot and I made the first in and then I shot and then and I made it again.


We're all afraid of different things

Some big and common,

Some little and silly

But courage isn't about facing giant fears

Or impressing people.

It's about being brave

It's about facing your fears, not theirs 

It's about making yourself proud, not them

Because even though some people have climbed mountains

Be happy with that step you took

Because it's not about them.

It's about you.

Cliff jumping

As we get to the cliff I look out on the beautiful sea. The sun is setting so there is a little bit of a pink tint in the air. As I look down I see how far of a jump it is. I look over at the beach below I see little kids running around and playing in the sand. I look down again.  " your sure it's safe " I ask as I look over at my brother. " I think " he says with smile.  My stomach turns. I get very scared. But when I am about to have second thoughts he jumps "great" I say, no turning back now I think to myself. I start with a run then I jump. As I am in the air I get scared again. When I reach the water I feel the cold water hit me like a brick wall. As I come back up for air I realized what I had just done. Now the sky looks prettier and the water feels warmer I swim to shore. And I start to go back up to jump again. 

get air

one day me and my family went to get air and I did not wont to go on the tightrope and I was scared because I thought if I fall off I could break something so I went to my mom she told me to try it so I tried and I fell in to the pit and I felt...                            


                                                               AWESOME so I did it the end