Midnight at Charingtons

July 7th. It was a windy night. I was house sitting for a family friend. They owned a large house, with a pool and a basketball court. My reponsibilties included the following: care for the dogs, clean the pool, mow lawn, and leave the house as it had been when I arrived. I was halfway through my week of house sitting. This particular evening, I decided to complete a puzzle. It was of a barn with maple trees in the background. All three dogs were sprawled out on the couch, while I sat at a desk by the windows. I had only three lights on in the entire house. The kitchen, the porch, and a lamp in the gathering room, where I was. I had maybe ten pieces left, when the phone rang. It was a wall phone, because the owners of the house were old fashioned folks. I rushed to pick up the phone. “Hello?” silence. “Hello?” I said once more. Then a lady’s voice, a computer lady’s voice blasted through the phone, making me jump a little. “Were sorry, the number you dialed has been disconnected. Try again.” I hung up. My evening would’t go uninterrupted after all. I sat down at my desk again. Just as I felt a rush of comfort, the phone rang again. I decided to leave it. The weather was probably messing with the power lines, it happens a lot in our town. One ring. Two rings. Then it stopped. Three pieces left, the phone rang again. Now I had been irritated enough. I answered the call ready to yell at whoever was on the other line. “Hello?” I asked, maybe not so politley. The woman’s voice started up again. I hung up and opened the clocet where the lines were. I disconnected the phone. I went back to finish my puzzle, but was a bit shaken when I saw that my last three pieces were gone. I thought maybe one of te dogs had eaten them, but the dogs remained asleep where they were before. I checked the time. It was 10:34. Late enough for me. I brushed it off and headed upstairs for bed. I called the dogs to come with me. As if the night couldn’t disturb my peace any more, I heard a crash from downstairs where I was before. I rushed down, and was surprised to find that the puzzle was wrecked. And pieces of it formed a trail which led to the basement door. I opened it, and flicked on the light. My footseps echoed. Only one of the dogs followed me. And ironically, it was the pomeranian. I was scared. I turned the corner, and on the floor in front of me was the puzzle. Excpet it wasn’t a barn. There was no maple trees. It was a picture of myslef. And there was someone behind me, holding what looked like...a knife? I turned around, but it was too late.

My connection with Jefferson

Like Thomas Jefferson I am also a great believer in hard work, however not so much luck. Since the moment I started playing basketball every one of my coaches told me that hard work pays off. Recently, I’ve started ninth grade, and high school basketball is a lot different than middle school ball, or elementary ball. My new high school coaches told our team that “the harder you work in practice, the more you get out of it in games.” At times you can also find yourself lucky in basketball games, like making the game winning shot. However, the game winning shot all started with how hard you worked in practice, and what you got out of it. In basketball, if you don’t work hard in practice, or you goof around, it really shows in the games. I think of lucky as school getting canceled, making varsity, or going to a concert. If you’ve ever watched a basketball game you may find that basketball isn't about luck, it’s more about skill, and effort. I’m an even greater believer of what you put into something. If you give a drill all you have, you’re not only improving, but you may also be helping your teammates improve. In conclusion, If you put a great deal of effort into something, you get a better outcome.


Just Me the Sun and the Wind

Just me the sun and the wind. I walk on the sand. The color of hot warm cocoa. The waves sound is soft like my mother when she sings a lullaby. the wind, cool and refreshing. The wind blows my hair into different positions. I have no thoughts. I have no control over my body. I walk and walk and walk. The sunset is beautiful. I sit on the sand as my toes relax. My white dress flows with the wind. i watch the landscape of the sunset and waves. the colors look like a painting. I imagine me being a color. as I get smoothed on a piece of paper. My eyes close and I think of warm milk and cookies. It reminds me of Christmas. I'm calm

I open my eyes and the first thing I look at is my hands. I imagine in a tiny ant watching my hands running through the sand. stand in a shallow spot in the water. I look down. there are no animals just me. just me. just me the sun and the wind. I put my hands up as it stands in a T pose like I'm ready to soar in the sky like an eagle. My fingers act like waves. Up.......down. I think of those two words. up. and down. I start walking on the sand again. the tiny rocks stick on my feet. then, I see a small black pebble. this pebble was black all around. no scratches. it was a perfect sphere. I put the tiny black pebble in my white dress pocket. It is not heavy. As I walk on the sand I forget everything. I forget the pebble. I forget the sun. I forget the wind. I would say I was......lost. Lost in what, you might ask. Well...I was lost in my mind. Sometimes I have this dizzy moment where I'm not in myself. I forget who I am and what's happening around me. I try to get back into life but...I can't. 

Rule; 1000 IQ plays

My one rule would be that everyone in the world gives me one cent a month. That transfers to about 76 million dollars a month. That means I'm making 19 million dollars a week, and 4,750,000 a day. I think with this money, I could invest it into things like charity and matters that require attention. I could also use it to start improving conditions in third world countries and other things. I also could help myself personally and my family too. Overall, it would be a good way to make money and I really wouldn't have to work ever again. I could hand some over to my close friends and other people. I think that with other laws already set wouldn't have a huge effect. If everyone, even those in poverty, gave me a cent, I would return it by investing millions of dollars in to charity homes and other places that could help those in poverty. It's a way to pay back really. I think this could also help with the wealth gap between those who are really rich and those who aren't, because people in poverty would be given chances to get back on their feet.


The trees are green, yellow, and orange. All the same as yesterday. The shoe store I always pass on my way to school, the place I always get my black jordans with red lases. I walk passed the same old, run down house, the one you can see all of the old junk the old lady used too have. But today it felt different. The house its self looked different than yesterday. The outside was a nicer brick, not as old and not as many weeds growing on it. 

It felt like it was calling my inside. I could almost hear it saying come inside, come inside. I took a step foward. The sound grew louder. I took a step towards the house, and another step unit it was almost dragging me in. I took a step onto the door mat and opened the door. 


get air

one day me and my family went to get air and I did not wont to go on the tightrope and I was scared because I thought if I fall off I could break something so I went to my mom she told me to try it so I tried and I fell in to the pit and I felt...                            


                                                               AWESOME so I did it the end

Abandoned House

The time was 5:25 AM, the sun was just about to rise with the sky full with the colors orange, purple, and blue. Outside the window there was a light fog surrounding the mountain tops. I was just about to get out of bed when my husky puppy, Ella, decided to jump on to my bed. After getting ready for the day I decided that we would go on a walk  but go further in the trails then I normally go with her, but little did I know there was an abandoned and rotting house further on the trail. When we arrived to this mysterious building I was curious and decided that I would go in and see if there was anything of importance in the building. The first step I took into the building the smell of rotten wood and a hit of other different nature smells like the smell of the pine trees. The style and architecture of the house almost seemed modern but still so old, wondering the hall there were renices of photos, and broken furniture pieces. When I looked down and noticed the time with the realization that I would have to leave and go to work. I decided that  I would have to come back and look more into the past about this building. So I left to go to work and bring Ella to her dog school, but on the way but home on the trails I realized that the home felt familiar

Spaghetti Rant

"I walk by this sign almost everyday but today something told me that I should go inside and try their food for the first time. So I went in and tried their spaghetti. And I’m going to be bloody honest I could have gone longer without trying it. The only reason I say that is because it was WAY too expensive and I feel like they should lower their prices or make better food. And I wanted to let people know that I wouldn’t recommend it, but if they made salads and other foods there maybe I would change my mind on how I feel about them."


A weird bag!!

I saw a bag of money me and Lizzie did we didn't know what to do so we grabbed it we brought it to my mom so we knew what it was she told us to put it back where we found and I said "no" Lizzie was so scared so she told me to put it back and i said "fine" even tho i didn't want to do it we found out that there was money in it. THE END

The Elves

George was wandering in the forbidden forest, he believed in elves even though he had never seen one he had listened with interest to the traveler's story's they had always described the forest full of elves even in the forbidden forest that was touching the city of Rathton his home town, Rathton was in the domain of lord Algross the domain was called Yallen it was a northern domain in the country of Hailonia the ancient land. know George was walking in the Forbidden Forest to the east of Rathton, nobody was to set foot in it or else they would be thrown in prison. but headless to all that George still wandered the forest to get sanctuary from others. George suddenly saw out of the corner of his eye a movement then it was gone and he quickly turned his head to catch the person who had moved but saw nothing then out of nowhere the arrow slammed into the trunk of the tree on his right. He wiped around but saw nothing. Then suddenly the voice came from nowhere and everywhere "Who dares tread on elven soil". Realization dawned on George these were elves. The voice came again "who are you"?. I am George of Rathton, who are you?. We are the Elves of the forbidden forest welcome". then from all around him materialized from the tree's were elves of all sizes come with me said a tall one we need to make sure we can trust you. for the rest of the evening George spent laughing and eating, then he went home he walked in the door and his roommate his best friend Kal asked Where have you been, oh in the Forbidden forest George replied. Oh, George you now were not allowed in there. I know but I saw the Elves. Really? what were they like? where they nice? asked Kal, Oh, yes they were nice and they were interesting. I don't believe you Kal said cutting him off. Then how do you explain this said George pulling out a wooden branch that was twisted into a crown and was glowing faintly, Wow murmured Kal. yeah I know now let's get to bed it's after curfew. George placed the crown on his bedside table and fell asleep.

Two boys, One bag

Josh and Patrick are stating by a bus stop on a bright August morning. Josh and Patrick have never met before, but yet they happen to be at the same stop. Josh sits down at one end of a long rusted bench behind the bus-stop sign. Patrick plants down on the opposite side of Josh. They look at each other at the same time, after a second, of awkward silence, they both turn away. Minutes pass, and no bus has come. Patrick looks down at his Rolex to check the time. 10 minutes has passed since he had come to the bus stop. Josh then say a line of nickles on the ground he followed them with his eyes to see then lead under the bench. Little did he know that Josh also saw the same line and was also fallowing it. Boys got up and went to the spot under the bench where the nickles lead, and to their surprise under the bench was a large purple bag with green money bills and change spilling out of it. Both boys reach out to grab the bag but something suddenly stops them. What must his be? They can see the bag, but for some reason, they can't touch it. Then boys reach out one last time and this time they touch the bag, but when their fingers touch the soft velvet everything goes black. 


Courage everybody has it. Some people just need a extra boost to get courage. I new I had it and a that point in time where I needed it the most. It was one day on halloween night and my friends where coming to trick or treat with us and a month before halloween i got bad news that my friends would be leaving to go to Flordia because her dad is in the air force and they had to leave. So that same night that on halloween and the night that they where leaving me and my friends went trick or treating by our selfs. That night was so much fun and it went by so fast that it was time to say our goodbyes. It was that point where everything stoped and I needed to break through with courage.

Waiting for a Train

Me and my friend, Alex  where waiting for a train because we where going to Florida and then out of the corner of my eye, I saw tow men with a bag full of money but they had the bag because they where police officers and they caught a guy that stole that money bag. We waited about an hour before we got onto the Train and when we got onto the train my eyes grew wide because 1. each train seat had a T.V. and 2. The T.V.'s had a XBOX and free games to play on it! "Dude this is awesome!" I said to Alex.  "I know!" He said back and right away we started playing and they already downloaded Fortnight so we played that for a little bit then we went up to the front desk to get Grand Theft Auto to play. We played it for like 30 minutes and then the train started to move! When the Train started to move, I got so scared that I jolted back and dropped my controller!


The End 


The time has finally come to meet her...Its been over two years and we've both changed incredibly. my brush swims through my hair as I dress. My nails glimmer as I pull at my socks. Ready. I see her... My legs start and they don't stop until we've collided. We lay on the cold hard concrete laughing. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a pouch in the distance. A purple velvet pouch with gold lettering. We stable ourselves and within a blink of an eye were on the move. There it is, tucked under a bench, right where I saw it. We look, nothing could prepare us for what was inside. MONEY! we take it and run, our hair flying behind our ears like capes. There were too many bills to count. When we finally stop running our lungs are aching, contracting so fast it's hard to not yelp for air. We sit under an oak tree, we turn to each other, our cheeks cherry red. We split the money in the pouch. The second we get home we wiped out our phones, searching and scanning for somewhere to fly. We locate a place, and the next day we fly...

Tow girls in the forest .

One day tow girls named Hailey and Sophia went in the woods. Sophia found  a letter that said Dear Hailey and Sophia this is a mystry person . You must find me Here are some  clues  I am a boy , I am hard to find , I am  wearing a black cloke.  So they went off to find him So  first they went to eygept and they found him he was a killer so he wanted to kill them. But they hade some company. There friends showed up There friends names are .. Mary and Saryn. So they helped fight and a lot of people wrere there to. A lot of people died during this time . So I guess you can say it was like a war. So  the  mystey's person's name was Peyton . Peyton was not who  you thought he would be but they solved how to get rid of Peyton . So it all worked out well sort of. Well for most of us. bye. 


One morning I awoke to a loud bang. Im used to it by now having lived across a pasta shop for a year and a half but this noise was extraordinarily loud. But I couldn't care less and went back to sleep for another hour. When I woke up from my sleep I went down from my apartment to look at the pasta shop where I heard all the racket. When looking across the street I decide to turn around and not bother but as Im about to turn around I see a sign, read "Now Hiring". A job at a pasta shop couldn't be too hard right? I was in dire need for money as I needed to pay off some expenses for my car so I decided to take them up on the offer and join the pasta shop. I went inside the shop greeted by a old couple, Mr and Mrs Pasquini after a brief and easy interview I landed the job and was to come into work tomorrow. But before I could do the job I had to be trained. Learning how to make noodles was quite hard but very fun as well, making noodles from scratch was much different from using pre-made noodles. After a hard day of training I went back into my apartment and slept waiting for the next day. For the next 2 years I would work very hard making spaghetti over and over, the same repeated rigorous process of making noodles, tomato sauce and meatballs. Until one day when Mr Pasquini was boiling the noodles the  pasta rebelled, they came to life and pulled Mr Pasquini in the pot. He struggled for a solid minute until he went limp and that was the last time I was going to see him again, my legs felt like noodles: I could barely stand I almost threw up at that sight. But I was not going to be captured by the noodles, I ran out of the shop and into my car and sped off. Leaving my home behind, leaving Mrs Pasquini behind leaving everything behind after driving for what felt like weeks I found myself out in the middle of no where with nothing and no one. I couldn't believe what just happened, pasta coming to life? It made no logical sense what so ever, how could that happen? After that I fell into a deep sleep never to awake again. Paralyzed in fear....


The one rule everyone has to follow is to follow no rules.


This paradox confuses everyone and they cannot handle it. If you follow no rules then you are breaking the rule of following no rules but if you follow rules you are breaking the rule of following no rules. Infinity people have died because their head exploded because the couldn't figure out the rule because If you follow no rules then you are breaking the rule of following no rules but if you follow rules you are breaking the rule of following no rules. YEP!

Elves are Crazy

      Are Elves real? Some people say Elves come from Santa in the North Pole. I think that Elves are fake and these are some reasons why. I think that Santa makes all the things for you and he also uses Mrs. Claws to help, there are a lot of movies where Elves are in like every part helping Santa with the presents. Even though I don't think Elves are real I think it would be really fun to be one after seeing all the stereotypes of an Elf. Just like when I said they live in the North pole with Santa, I feel like that would be so cool to live in the North Pole. I think the best part about living in the North Pole is being round all the presents and working with Santa would be the best job in the world for a little kid. I think this is a really fun topic to write about.

Acts of Courage.

First of all, most people think that Courage is people doing dangerous things that are really big.

But I think that Courage is doing something that you're afraid to do, the more afraid you are, the more monumental it is. 

One thing I've done is slide down a pole that was about 11 feet off the ground. (I tend to see what is not very likely to happen, and so I'm more likely to be hesitant)

Another thing I've done is (almost) jump off something that was 15 feet high, onto a mat. (For one thing, messing up the landing could have been disastrous, and I say almost because I was going to do it but the instructor came in and said we shouldn't)

I end here


"It's not my fault I don't want to do princess things, like weave baskets or take care of the animals! It's not my fault I don't want to be a princess! It's not my fault Lydia feels like the wrong name, and Lairion feels right! It's not my fault I want to go on the hunting expeditions! It's not my fault I don't feel like a girl! It's not my fault that I'm supposed to be a boy!" Lydia yelled, tears stinging her eyes. "It's not my fault!" 

She ran to her room, tan dress trailing behind her, earning only a "Wait!" from Kiana. She sat down at her desk, pulling out paper,  charcoal, and paints. She sat, sketching, for around an hour. What she had ended up with was a dark-skinned elf, like her, but male. Dark hair, a defined jawline. He was holding a bow, arrows stashed in his quiver. He wore medium-brown clothes, made of leather. behind him, a field. 

She hung the picture up on her wall, a single drawing in a sea of them. All around her walls were pictures she had drawn, all featuring dark-skinned male elves, all with dark hair. It was all she would draw, for it was what she hoped to be. She wanted to go out hunting, like the subjects of her art. She wanted to learn to ride a horse. She wanted to do the traditionally male things, for she felt male. But her body was not.


This disconnect between mind and body, it caused her great discomfort. She wished her chest gone, to have different parts in her pants. But it seemed, that could not be. In her kingdom, it was considered taboo to feel anything but your assigned sex. So, if anyone did, they kept it quiet. And she realized, she may have made a grave mistake, by telling Kiana all that.