The Silver Locket

‘How do I keep ending up in these predicaments?’ She asked herself once more while hiding in a tree waiting for her friend Elise to bring what she needed, with people all over, searching for her. Scratch that, she did know how she kept getting into situations like this, she wasn't careful enough with where she went. According to her friends she strayed to far for the elven village. So, she climbed all the way to the top of the tree when she heard a muffled bang behind her that caused her to jump. Without even needing to turn around she knew who it was.

“Elise,” she yelled quietly to her friend, “are you trying to give me a heart attack?” While turning around angrily she saw what her friend was holding, a small silver locket. “You found it!” The girl yelled happily to her friend.

“Hurry up and get over here!” Elise yelled.

She grabbed her friends hand as they both yelled “Fly!” As they yelled this word they both transformed into butterflies and and flew back home the the elven village

Barnarts Summer Youth Theater Program

It was the summer of 2018 and I was a part of Barnarts Summer Youth Theater Program. The play we were doing was Monty Python’s Spamalot and I was attracted to the boy who had been gifted the part of King Arthur. It was a week before the opening night and we were doing a performance to advertise not only the show but the program as well. One of the songs we performed in the near end of the show was titled I Wanna Be Like You from The Jungle Book. The boy who I was attracted to, whose name was TOJ and had been assigned to stand right in front of me, was going to sing as the character King Louis. TOJ and his older brother JAMR, who sang the part of Bloo, were to do the scat part together, and the parts of the scat when TOJ sang made me like him more and more. Once I Wanna B Like You was over the last song not related in Monty Python’s Spamalot was performed. (I sure many people know about The Lion King.) The last unrelated song was Be Prepared from The Lion King which they had performed at Barnarts Summer Youth Theater Program the year before I joined. The director, and the music director and I all agreed to the plan that I could stand off to the side during Be Prepared so I could use the song as a time machine two years back to when I was in sixth grade when we performed The Lion King at Thetford Elementary School and my friends Tate Whiteburg, Gretta Koppers, Jessica Smith, and I were playing the parts of elephant bones in that scene of TES’s production of The Lion King. Who knows where I am now I just hope that future generations can have some of the same experiences I had at Barnarts Summer Youth Theater Program.

boy next door

As I walk out of my house a cloud of anger and confusion swirled around me like a tornado. I had fallen in love with Grey and If anyone finds out about It I am dead. No one knows that I am gay. This secret is going to kill me at some point. I am one of the most popular boys in my school and almost every girl in my school likes me. You could say I am a chick magnet….

Unfortunately. Grey, on the other hand, is the total opposite. Instead of girls liking him they are scared of him. He is like a girl repellent. He rides a motorcycle and wears a leather jacket. You would think girls would fall head over heels for him but no. I don’t think he has ever even dated anyone which is a shock to me because you should just see him.


“Where am I?” Kaya asks herself as she wakes up in a dark room. She sees a faint outline of a person she walks over slowly. “Hello?” she asks there was no answer. She walks over and trips falling into what was only a mannequin. She stands up leaving the mannequin on the ground. She tries to remember what happened before coming here but all that she can think of is her pounding headache. She finds a wall and runs her hands along it to walk she finds a flashlight taped to the wall. She tries the flashlight and it works but it is very dark still almost as if the ceiling lights were sending out dark matter. Kaya finds a door with a lock she goes around the creepy room and she realizes she is in the back of a store. All of a sudden Kaya jumps at the phone ringing she walks towards the noise and goes to a dead end. Kaya doesn’t think much about it and worries more about how to get out. She finds a cash register and opens it thinking there may be a key to the door. There are only money and no more than $200. Then come in two police officers with guns she put her hands up confused. The handcuffed her and she said she was innocent the cops did not talk and put her in there car and drove away.


Kaya Michaels went to jail for a lifetime sentence for the murder of a dress shop owner and robbery of a dress shop.

murder for money

One day two friends were on their way to work but to get there they had to take the subway. After they had passed through the checkpoints they then boarded the train at the second stop one got off because he was supposed to pick up a package at their bosses home. After a while the other one got off he was a fairly ordinary person not too short and not too fat he always carried a gun on him for self-defense and he was also a guardian.

In this world, there are different races such as elf, human, orc, and more and a defenders job was to make sure the different races didn’t start wars or any conflict. Their organization is made up of many different races and they are free to kill any being if they had harmful intent towards anyone also if they were in possession of any illegal objects. Some of these objects are drugs, illegal, firearms, powerful magic, or any magic items. The only race allowed to have magic items and most magic where the gods who are powerful beings who gained immortality from preexisting gods and they could be any race and then a god or goddess.

But when this man (whose name is simply John) was switching trains he noticed a bag full of money just lying on the ground. When suddenly an orc came out of nowhere and started shooting at random people while running for the bag then John leaped into action. He fired off three shots two hitting the orc in the chest he then fired three more times because the orc was still going two hitting him in the gut and the last in the head. Then John called his office and reported what happened and that there were three dead (including the orc) and two more injured. He then picked up the bag and decided he would use the money to buy some food for a few homeless people near where he lived, a new gun for himself because the one he currently had wasn't powerful enough, and give the rest to charity.



We're all afraid of different things

Some big and common,

Some little and silly

But courage isn't about facing giant fears

Or impressing people.

It's about being brave

It's about facing your fears, not theirs 

It's about making yourself proud, not them

Because even though some people have climbed mountains

Be happy with that step you took

Because it's not about them.

It's about you.

The Silver Locket

‘How do I keep ending up in these predicaments?’ She asked herself once more while hiding in a tree waiting for her friend Elise to bring what she needed, with people all over, searching for her. Scratch that, she did know how she kept getting into situations like this, she wasn't careful enough with where she went. According to her friends she strayed to far for the elven village. So, she climbed all the way to the top of the tree when she heard a muffled bang behind her that caused her to jump. Without even needing to turn around she knew who it was.

“Elise,” she yelled quietly to her friend, “are you trying to give me a heart attack?” While turning around angrily she saw what her friend was holding, a small silver locket. “You found it!” The girl yelled happily to her friend.

“Hurry up and get over here!” Elise yelled.

She grabbed her friends hand as they both yelled “Fly!” As they yelled this word they both transformed into butterflies and and flew back home the the elven village

Francisco's adventure in magic.

A long long time ago in a magical forest far far away, there was an ancient elf village that had been established during the time of the dinosaurs and still thrives today. On villager elf's name was Francisco, Francisco lived in a small mushroom hut with his wife Ferdinand, his son elfry, daughter Trey Jones and the family pet, Christopher the chipmunk.


One day when Francisco was walking down the road he saw a sign that said “Elven magic contest,” he decided that he wanted to enter the contest, even though we has not very good at magic. Over the next week Fransisco spent all his free time practicing his magic and creating new spells. During the week he accidentally turned his daughter, Trey, into a toad. When Fransisco did this he was very worried about his daughter so he spent the rest of the week trying to create a spell to reverse this effect. When the morning of the contest came Francisco still had not come up with a spell to fix his daughter and had nothing to present to the judges, when he got on stage he just stumbled over his words and yelled out a nonsense word, “toaderse”, which miraculously turned Trey back into a human. When he did this he had finally cracked the code that the village had been trying to solve for the past centuries. He was able to cure all the people in the village that had suffered similar fates in the past and had been trapped in animal form for decades. After this happened he was deemed a hero in the village and won the contest.  



The woods

It was a bright and sunny day, as the four friends strolled through the deep and lively woods, past where four sheep were oddly placed in a fenced in area. The birds were chirping, and there was wild dogs heard in the distance. As the friends wandered around the wind started to pick up, the trees started swaying in the wind as leaves and other small plants swooped in circles around the friends.

“Ah, this is such a nice time to be outside.” jordan, said directed to ellie, who responded in a harsh tone saying “I think that we should be inside, and not wasting our time wandering the woods with all three of you idiots.” Jordan looked at ellie in disgust, “oh my god you are so unreasonable.” Elle rolled her eyes and they continued walking. As they were walking they noticed there friends weren't behind them. “Um. Guys!” jordan yelled, she turned to talk to ellie and she was gone. “No!” jordan yelled in fear, then he looked up to see four disfigured sheep perched in the tree branches looking right at him. “Ellie where are you!” he yelled as the animal creatures all leapt off the branches in unison.

“Bang!” jordan woke up off of the floor with a bump on his head. “Ug, that was a horrible dream.” jordan said to himself as he woke up and looked out the window past his garage to the neighbor's house, and at the edge of the woods saw his neighbors four sheep in an oddly places fencing area.              


Whats in That Bag

The early morning air was crisp, and a layer of fog had settled over the city. It began to drizzle. The train station was empty, save for a young boy, asleep on one of the benches. He began to stir, and soon sat up. Stretching, and kneading his neck, stiff from the night spent on the hard bench, the boy began to pack his things. No sooner had he begun than the loud clopping produced only by the sturdiest of boots echoed through the previously silent station. A woman, perhaps in her early thirties, soon appeared from around a corner. She approached the platform, and sat, situation herself on the bench adjacent top the boy’s. She set down her purse, a rather large, black leather affair, and began to rifle through it. She produced a lighter, and a pack of cigarettes. She lit one, and placed the lighter along with the remaining cigarettes, back in her purse. She took a long pull, and reclined. As the smoke wafter toward him, the boy wrinkled his nose and looked away. His eyes settled upon a duffle bag. He thought it strange, as it was not his, and he had been there since the day before, and did not remember an such bag arriving there. Maybe it was a bomb, and they soon would be blown to pieces, he thought. Maybe. He drew closer, in an effort to discover its origins. The far corner, which was invisible from the woman's vantage point, as well as the boys previous location, was torn. Through it, a thick stack of bills was visible. The boys eyes widened, and his breath hitched. He let out a quite gasp before catching himself. The boy looked over at the woman. Her first cigarette had burned down, and she was lighting a fresh one. The boy slowly unzipped the bag, making as little noise as possible. It was full of money, more than he had ever seen.

“Whattaya got there, huh?” the woman said, rather loudly.

“Oh, nothing! just packing my things,” the boy managed. His heart beat faster.

“You sure that's really what you got there?” asked the woman.

“Yes, quite sure,” replied the boy.

“Lemme see,” demanded the woman. And with that, she rose. Just as she did, the first train of the day arrived, screeching to a stop. The doors opened, and as quickly as possible the boy ran, leaving everything but the bag.

“Hey! Where ya goin?” the woman shouted after him. “ I just wanna see what ya got in that bag!”

The boy ran down the cars, until he reached the very front of the train. He jammed the bag under a seat. With this, he ran back the way he had come, and past the door he had entered through. After three cars, he stopped. Out of breath, clutching a stitch in his side he sank into a seat.

“There you are!” said the woman.


The Catastrophe

I have walked the same route in the afternoons everyday I always had one curiosity of which that began with a sign. The sign that had been seen endless amounts of times, that stated “SPAGHETTI”. Then I had a thought of what is spaghetti, what is this bewildering subject? Only until I saw a huge, massive, and enormous bowl of the so called spaghetti, of which a young girl was enjoying on a picnic bench along with her family. The object was thin, pale, squirmy looking, and covered with red sauce. The red sauce seemed to have chunks of tomato in it, and there was lots and lots of the sauce. Underneath all of the sauce seemed to be noodles, of which that had been cooked. All I could think is what is this madness, why would you take noodles and dump that disgusting red sauce all over it. I looked around me, and notice that not just one person was eating, everyone was eating it. This was a catastrophe, why would everyone be eating this poison. Although they weren’t just eating the poison they were enjoying it as  well. I walked a way that day, but I never came back to the sign that read “SPAGHETTI”.

Cliff jumping

As we get to the cliff I look out on the beautiful sea. The sun is setting so there is a little bit of a pink tint in the air. As I look down I see how far of a jump it is. I look over at the beach below I see little kids running around and playing in the sand. I look down again.  " your sure it's safe " I ask as I look over at my brother. " I think " he says with smile.  My stomach turns. I get very scared. But when I am about to have second thoughts he jumps "great" I say, no turning back now I think to myself. I start with a run then I jump. As I am in the air I get scared again. When I reach the water I feel the cold water hit me like a brick wall. As I come back up for air I realized what I had just done. Now the sky looks prettier and the water feels warmer I swim to shore. And I start to go back up to jump again. 

Sleep with Sheep

I lay awake, in the middle of the night. Nothing makes a peep.

I stand up, go to the window, and look into the field.

How I wish I could be out there, playing with the fur

Of big, soft sheep.

The next morning I do my chores,

go out to the barn, and feed the horse.

I'm never allowed to be with sheep,

which might be why I cannot sleep.

The day goes on, and I reach deep.

Why can't I sleep with sheep?

I grab a pillow, blanket and sheets,

Run out to the field of green and wheat.

I set my items down, preparing to sleep,

and now I'm surrounded by stinky, smelly sheep.

Maybe I'll go back. Counting them was pretty neat.

The alleyway

As I turned the corner I realized I couldn't see my friend Allie anymore, but as I walked further looking around to figure where she might have gone, I noticed two old wooden doors slightly creaked open. Knowing that Allie has quite a curiosity, I assumed she just got quit intrigued to see what laid beyond the doors. As I remembered all the books I have read in the past that is probably the one thing you shouldn't when you see a building that you've never seen or heard of before. I finally got enough courage to go through the doors, as I realized that it was a silly thing for me to think about its just an old barn I reassure myself. As I walked in I saw a long hall going into an open space, as it came into view I saw.... more doors great. "BOO"


"You scared me."

"How could I scare you their is nothing to scared of."

"Sure its not like were in an old abandon house or anything."

"Now that I think about you want to get out of here?'


What is that

“What is that?” said the first sheep to the second sheep. “I don't know what that is,” said the second sheep to the first sheep. “What are we looking at ?” said the third sheep to the first and second sheep. “That's what we want to know,” said the first and the second sheep. “Do think anyone knows what it is?” said the fourth sheep to the first, second and, third sheep.

“Maybe,” said the first sheep.

“It's possible,” said the second sheep.

“Does it really matter?” said the third sheep.

“I think so,” said the fifth sheep. “Otherwise, we are just wasting time staring at something that may not even be there.” So the first, second, third, fourth and, fifth sheep, walked away. Because in fact the fifth sheep did not know this but he had pinned the tail on the sheep, if you will, because there was, in fact, nothing there.


be kindness

Respect the rules of school. Don’t be mean and don’t fight at school. This would be a good rule at school because fighting is not good. We need everyone to be nice at school - it could be special, so special. When someone is nice to each other that means they show kindness, respectful, they share things, and share their smiles and happiness. If I could create one rule for everyone to follow, this would be it.

The Pointed Green Hat

I was walking one day with my dog. It was a crisp fall day. The crackle of the yellow, red, and brown leaves under our feet. That is when I saw a little body running so fast I thought it was a hallucinating. My dog and I ran to try in follow it but by the time we reached where it was, it was gone. I looked down to see if I could see footprints but there were only leaves. Then I saw it. A little green hat sticking straight up. My dog was sniffing around it. He bolted into the woods. I was so excited. This actually happened. I could not wait to tell my friends. Then I thought to myself if I take the poor elves hat, he will be cold tonight. My dog leads me to this gigantic tree. I knocked on the tree. It sounded hollow. I was very confused. I set the hat down and I ran to hid behind another tree not that far away with my dog in tow. At that moment I decided not to breathe because maybe something could hear me or I might miss something if I blink. A little hand popped out and swoosh the hat was gone. I ran to the tree but to my eye's ability, there was not a door or window. I was so confused so I tried knocking on it then a little head popped out. I was surprised when I opened my eyes from a blink The tree had grown a lot. Then I realized I was looking eye-and-eye with the elf. I was so surprised. I was invited in. Standing there was a lot of elves. They were so cute. But then they kicked me out. When I blinked my eyes. I was large again.


New Neighbors

Andrew and Elizabeth usually spend their days in their studio apartment in New York City, but when Andrew got an idea to start working on another novel he got to work right away.  He had started to write his book, and it was supposed to be about a group of middle aged men robbing a bank. He was even going to write about how they plotted out the plan and how they exited it, but he got very stuck on the idea that there was something wrong with his brain because after about two pages of writing he was starting to get writers block and couldn't find anything else to write about in his book.  So he came up with a plan with his wife to move to the countryside and completely forget about what he was writing about, he changed his story to a city family moving to the countryside and it being completely different and having to adapt to the way things were done out there. He and his wife looked for about a week or so before they found the perfect property located in a small town in VT and they didn't hesitate for one second, they set everything up and bought the house.  When they had arrived at their new dream home a few weeks later and it seemed almost perfect, but of course, everything started to fall apart. Their moving van lost the map and could not find the house so Andrew and Elizabeth were stranded in the middle of nowhere, not knowing anybody, and having no service. Andrew wanted to absolutely freak out, but the only thing that mattered to him was his wife Elizabeth's happiness, which she was so he was completely fine. She had even came up with a great plan for her to go for a walk with their dog Daisy to see the new property while Andrew stayed at the house and continued to try and write his novel.  So she did just that, she gathered her jacket and put a leash on daisy. And set off for their journey.

Spaghetti Shop

There's a spaghetti shop in town. I haven't really thought about spaghetti. White long skinny noodles, red sweet tomato sauce, and shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Every day I walk past the shop wanting to go in, but I never do. I have wanted to try this dish, spaghetti. I want to go in. I cant. There are many other things I want to do in my life, but this is at the top of my list. Spaghetti I want spaghetti. The only thing I want, but I can't go in, I just can't.

The Black Box

All I had ever wanted, sat right in the palm of my hand, but what I would do with it? I hadn't a clue. I ran my fingers up and down its pointed edges, for I had never seen such a true black color. I grasped it harder, worried I may drop it and seal my own fait along with the rest of humanity. What shall I do? How could I be held responsible for such a powerful object? Everyone is waiting outside for my coronation to begin, while I stand and dwell on this new chapter. Shouldn’t I be grateful? For there is no greater honor than being crowned ruler over all of the land as far as the eye can see. I must wait to worry, for I still have thirty sleeps before I shall have to make up my mind.

“Behold! Our new Emperor of Majesia!” shouted my fathers slave, Jorge, or should I refer to him as… my new slave. I steadily pushed through the drape and held my head as far in the air as I could, looking as though I knew exactly what my plans were for our union. It seemed almost funny to think no one really knew what I was considering doing. I grabbed a hold of the armrest of my new throne, and lowered myself into it. The velvet was soft and I sank into the foam of the chair. Out of the corners of my eyes I could see the rubies and emeralds encrusted all around my torso, as another servant engraved my name into the top of my seat. My hands were sweating, I imagined intending to lift the box and having it slip from my hands, falling straight to the ground. I clenched my eyes shut from the thought, and tried to think of happier things.

After the coronation was over, I slowly began to go over a timeline of my life in my head. How could my father leave me with such a duty? He was everything to me, he knew I would do anything to please him, but this? It began to become more of a terrifying thing the more I wondered about it. Would they all be dead instantly? Or would it take much more torture and what would seem like never ending time, to lower them into the depths of hell? I couldn’t do this, but I knew I would have too. I had to open the box. Every evil thing had been captured in this small object for the past billions of years, but it held the key to hell, and I needed this to retrieve father. For in thirty sunsets his soul would be fully demonized.