how I saved a mans life

one day I was wating for my train. wile I was waiting I started to look around, in the cornner of my eye I spotted something in a vent on the wall. I walked over to the vent, there was a black bag with some stuff that looked like money so I opened the the bag and guess what was in there, MONEY there had to be at least 500 $100 ills in there right as I took it out a guy in a black hoodie took the bag from my hands and ran. It took me a few seconds to realize what had happend. I RAN. the man was fast but I waas faster as I started to get closer he slowed down and realized what had happend. the man who had taked the bag was a poor man, he begged me to have the bag, he said that he had a family to feed and he might not survive the winter. I told him he could have the bag he thanked me and walked away. but 2 monthes later after winter I saw him with a happy family. thats how I saved a mans life.   

Everyone Believes In Elves

Elves, you may have heard of them as Santas little helpers, or elves with bow and arrows fighting orcs. Many people also believe that elves live in magical forests. Elves are those creatures that can always put a smile on your face. They dance and sing and laugh just like us humans, but the real question is, are they real? Many young and some older people believe in elves, but there was this one person who didn't. Her name was Sarah Smith and was only five years old. She wasn't like the rest of eight year old girls that loved princesses and the movie Frozen, she was different. She didn't believe in elves or Santa, but one night everything changed. She was in her bed buried in her blankets, when she heard her door to her bedroom creak open. She had bunk beds in her room so when she woke up she banged her head on the top bunk. She heard a soft giggle noise and was scared to death. She saw a small shadow.

The Elves

"Not possible," said Rily O'Conner. "if they were real then why has no one seen one," her grandmother was trying to convince the girl that elves exsisted. but of corce they can't that would not be logical, and everything has logic. "no one has ever seen one, because they live in these woods, and never show their face," said Rily's grandother. "but whyyyy?" Rily groaned "there's no point to it, why do they hide?" "that's their own reason" said her grandmother with more calmness that Rily thoght was nessassary right now. "they are magical creatures what's not to love," Rily was fed up at this moment. then she had the best idea "fine" she said matter-a-facturly "I'll go see them,in the wood, like you said they are and proove to you that they arin't" so with that Rily grabed her coat an ran outside. it was cold, but not enough to make her stop she was dederment to proove her grandmother wrong.

The money bag soccer edition

The whole team was driving to this fancy Italian restaurant we had just won the FA cup! my dream had come true. ever since I was a kid I  have always wanted to play professional soccer. So when Caleb, Liam, and I were invited to play for the Arsenal Youth Academy we were the happiest kids in the world and now we had just won the Fa cup! we got to the restaurant and I still couldn't pronounce the name. I ordered a spaghetti as usual. we all at and then went back to the car. Liam, Caleb, and I went back to our house to have a good night sleep. but when we got to our house there were two bags right on our doorstep. which was very odd because almost no one knew our address apart from family and close friends. we went to open the bags and they were filled with €200 euro bills. 

"Is this real?" asked Liam.

"I think so" I replied.


the weird money bag

Your whole life you see this money  bag on the street you alway wanted to steel it. when you move out of your mom's and dad's house you see this house for sale next to the money bag so after two day's you move in you wanted to see what was inside the .Money dag so you open it and you see there is A LOT of money and you don't care about the money see this tv you go inside  and you trun on the tv and theres a pickture  of money and then you felt like falling a sleep then you wake up in a bank and you can here the cops coming for you and your running for your life. you waken up and you see your on tv and your a robber and you robbed a bank and you wake up you feel the same like you always do then you throw out the money and say BYE! for your life i will NEVER do that again in my life!.

free college

If I had to create one rule for the whole world it would be to have free college every where. Because college is so expensive and not many people like to go to college but have to go to college. also They need a better job to support their living so why make them pay it just does not make any sense. I just think some stuff in college should cost money but not every thing. to conclude that is why I think some stuff in college should be free.



There was a day when a mysterious man lived in a mysterious castle right next to a enchanted forest. This man in the mysterious castle didn't believe in any enchanted creatures. Fairys or elfs or anything like that. Every other person has seen something they've never seen before in that forest. They have seen the fairys and elfs that the man in the castle hasn't seen and doesn't believe in. One day, the man in the mysterious castle went down in the enchanted forest to get some clean water from a running stream. The man went to the closest stream. He filled up his bucket with some water, brought it back to his castle, and boiled it to make it sanitary. He drank some of his "sanitary" water and something happend to him. He instantly started thinking about fairy tales and enchanted creatures, that he was mentally forced to go back to the forest and find himself an elf. After about 10 minutes in the enchanted forest, he started to see a distent pathway near a circle of trees. Near the pathway was fairydust and elf footprints. He knew they were elf footprints because there were tiny. He searched a nearby cave, and saw something he's never seen before in his LIFE! He saw elfs, fairys, and talking animals. He couldn't believe what he saw he had to spread the news. He went back to his castle and tried to find his enchanted water but it was gone. Far gone. He got worried so he went to his cats shelter and saw the empty bucket of water. His cat was loaded on the enchanted water! Who knows what his cat will see next??

It's Mine!

One day, when I went to New Hampshire, I had to wait at a train station. I waited for over three hours, and when it was finally time to go, I had to leave the main building and head to the train. When I was walking up the steps to get onto the train, a glint of gold caught my eye. I stepped backwards to reach for the bag, when a person in his thirties reached over and tried to grab it at the same time as I did. "It's mine!" he yelled in what sounded like the loudest he could manage. Now, I would usually hand it over if it was his, but something sounded off in his voice and for some reason I refused to give it to him and kept pulling on it. "No it's not," I said. I don't know how I came to this conclusion, but something in me made me think that.

Spaghetti With Bacon

Hi, my name is Sarah and I absolutly HATE spaghetti. Why? I don't know. It's just so slimy and wierd. Eating spahetti is like eating a bowl of worms. It's the only food I don't like. I love all foods from brussel sprouts to pears. Everything except spaghetti. Everyday, I walk past this wierd sign on my way to and from school. It says SPAGHETTI in glowing neon letters. I always walk quickly past, so I don't smell the musty smell of spaghetti. Yesterday, I was walking home from school just like everyday, but the sign seemed to beckon me inside. It was strange. I suddenly felt the need for spaghetti. So I pushed open the door. It didn't smell like spaghetti, it smelled like bacon. I sat down and ordered a bowl of spaghetti. It was served piping hot, with crumbled bacon. I ate every bite and I loved it! From that day on, spaghetti (with bacon!) was my favorite food!

Forest Night

The forest is almost completely dark.

The moon and stars are the only light.

I feel alone but I know that I am surrounded by life

And that life is not plants or bugs or humans.

That life i- whoosh.

They run by me.


I can tell they are here because of there songs.

The sweet melody of there panpipes.

The smell of the cotton they make.

The light of they fireflies dancing in the air like little tap dancers.

The they come into view.

They look like you would think, green hats, green clothes, little ears and rosy cheeks.

They all look like that except for one the leader.

Her cloths are purple and her hair is long. 

I go towards them.

They leave.




Its 12:00 pm I am outside alone, suddenly I hear a whisper "carefull!" I look behind me, theres a moneybag!! I pick it up, its kinda heavy "Don't do that!" I ignore the whisper "I SAID DON'T DO IT!" I go back inside my house,I go to my mom and explain what I found and where 


I always heard rumors of people seeing elves in the forest, but my parents always told me those people were crazy. Now I'm one of those people!

It started on a walk, well it wasn't really a walk I had ran away from my parents because they were getting in fights again. I hated when they did that it got me mad that they weren't happy together anymore. I had enough I just had to run, it was one of those fight or flight situations and I choose flight. 

Usually when I got mad I would go to my dog, my dog always comforted me when I was angry or sad, Bailey was her name, I loved her. Sadly she passed away last month, she was 10 years old and she couldn't walk right. She had problems and they weren't the problems you could just easily fix. She would have had to go into surgery but surgery at her age meant there was a chance of her passing away on the middle of the operation. My parents knew what was going to happen because the vet would talk to them privately but just to make me happy they tried they, tried to make the surgery work. It didn't, ever since that day it hasn't been the same. Bailey had a positive affect on our family but without her here the house doesn't seem right, it doesn't feel like home.

Anyways, while I was running away as usual I got tired. I had run away before but never made it past Burlington. I always went that direction but this time I didn't want them to find me, this time I was going to the "Dark forest".

spaghetti poem

we alwase see it, 

but we never enter

we hear it's good

but we never enter

it alwase smells good

but we NEVER enter

but today felt diffrent

like we alwase should have entered 

but we NEVER enter

there have been rumers about this place

like how we could toss pizza dough ourselfs

but we NEVER enter

then we see something in the paper

'looking for long lost childs, ran away at birth, never to be seen again'

but we still Never enter

or do we?

why can't we enter any wase?

is it because of our past belifes?

or our new ones?

or is it because we alwase procrastanate to the last minute and then finally cave at the last minute?

this is unacapatable

following the rules of modern socitity

trying to fit in and be 'cool' 


we head in .......


The door was big and white, with its paint peeling and chipping. It was slightly intimidating due to its harsh look. I looked it up and down once more because I was too scared to go right into the door. It seemed to give off a cold breeze that chilled my cheeks. I stepped forward. The boards creaked as my foot hit the floor. I took another step forward, the same thing happened. I was now face to face with this white beast, looking it straight in the eye. I stared back at me with the most frightening look, making me shiver. I pushed the door open very slowly, while it screamed with rusty hinges. I cringed at the sound and stepped forward into the darkness. My eyes were closed at this point until I heard it. The spine-chilling sound of another foot touching the 200-year-old floors. I ran back into the room I was in before and started to sweat even more than I was already. My breath started speeding up and my heart was pounding harder than a drum at a concert. I heard more footsteps which sounded like scurrying across the floor upstairs into another room. I wanted to find out what this thing was or if it was just a normal person who had gotten here before me who was trying to scare me or if it was just my imagination. I went through the huge doorway once again into the pitch black room, luckily there was some light shining in through a broken window, creating a good source of some light. Across from me, there was another doorway, with glass panels in them, most broken, which was also peeling its way to death. One door was open, allowing the light to reach the floor inside the room. I looked around to gather an idea of what was surrounding me. A broken chair in the far corner, covered by darkness, with a coffee table sitting there as well. A painting that was so scratched up you couldn’t tell any of what was illustrated. There was nothing else laying around in this rundown room, aside from some paper scattered on the floor.


I walked through the doorway into the little room with the window, and right in front of the window was the stairway to the upper level. There was a pipe laying in front of my feet in which I picked up and ran up the stairs shouting,


“I know you’re up there, and I will hurt you if you hurt me!”


I got the end of the spiraling stairs and came to the most confusing room I have ever walked into. There was random writing covering the walls and drawings depicting brutal deaths. Also, on the floor in a very large font was written 56 in hash marks. Beside the writing was a circle of candles surrounding a severed goat head. I wanted to puke. Even though I hadn’t seen the thing I knew it was here and it was warping my thoughts. My vision was blurry, I got light-headed and I fell to the ground.


Blink, Blink. It was now dark, and I was laying on the floor surrounded by lit candles. This tall, lanky silhouette was standing over me, a knife in hand. I knew it was over and closed my eyes. That's when I felt it in my chest.



Two guys went out on a walk in hopes to get on a train. They got to a lake with a big rock it the middle. The guys decided to go get a closer look. They got to the rock and saw a case under the water so they tried to open up the safe. Two hours later they got the case open and they said money for days and dumped it on the rock they ran back home and got a bag.  Picked the money up brought it to the bank and it was 10,000 dollars worth of money.THE END!

The Taiga of Hidden Knowledge

I was running through the forest, I felt the moss's moisture bleed through into my toes as I ran. As I looked behind me I could see that the pack had been following with great speed. After slowing her pace she let the wolves catch up and she kept on walking. The rocks that outlined the top of the waterfall were in sight, so she headed that way. She had never been here before so she was catious about if there were any dangers in the area the were currently entering. Once she and the wolves had arrived at the top of the waterfall she sat down on a flattish rock that from there she could overlook the waterfall and all of the forest's animals that came to drink out of it. As she lay back onto the rock she let the wolves walk up to her and lick her face. Then she did a count check to make sure that none of the wolves had gotten lost. She said out the names." Basil, Flake, Wink, Sage, Tucker, and Pearl." She said. Thank god none of her wolves had gotten hurt. She let the wolves lay on and around her as she fell dozed off to sleep.

This is a story all about i got 15 million $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

This is a story that changed my life just like that and made  me rich and famous. i was everywhere, on the news in the bahamas, at the car dealer buying my bugatti veyron. but all this is another story first i have another story to tell. It was a sunday night. me and my best friend, carson were watching the big game at my house when suddenly, BANG, it didn't sound like a gun but it sounded like someone was hiding something me and carson dash out the front door of my apartment to go see what had happened, sure enough there was a strange black bag outside. we run over to the bag and we open it. inside of the bag was filled with money. at first we wanted to call the cops but then we thought what could we do with all this money.... How 'bout buying new cars? so we head to the bugatti dealer and pay 1.8million dollars on cars.

Basketball Fouls

So it was in the morning when I had to get up and get ready for my basketball game at 9:15.  I woke up and got ready then my dad yelled Rihanna get your stuff together and hop in the truck so we can leave.  I grabbed my stuff and ran out the door, when we hopped in the truck we got stuck in the driveway, so my dad had to call the plow guy and since the plow guy lives like three feet away from us he came very quickly.  Finally we got to the gym where I play basketball everyone showed up except for logan are point guard.  He showed up and there was 1 minute on the clock and he got fouled and then I got foul and had to shoot two and by the time I got fouled there was 1 second on the clock and we were tied shot and I made the first in and then I shot and then and I made it again.


Finally, I could not take it anymore.  After seven years, I was going in.  The first thing to hit me was the smell.  Herbs, spices, tomato sauce, smelled just like my grandmother's kitchen from when I was a little boy going into New Haven to spend time with my grandparents.  It almost took my breath away to be reminded of that smell since both my grandparents had been dead for over 20 years.  My knees began to get weak, so I took a seat in the nearest booth.  The waitress came over to me to see if I wanted a menu and would be staying to eat.  I began to say no thank you when I looked back into the kitchen and saw a spitting image of my grandmother in the kitchen in a white apron and her jet black hair held up in a hair net.  If I didn't know any better, I would have sworn it was Nanny Crispi, my grandmother back from the dead.   Upon seeing this, I felt as if I had to at least look at the menu and have a quick beer.  I ordered a Peroni, figuring I would keep the mood of the Italian restaurant, and began to look over the menu.  I saw all the foods I used to eat at my grandparent's house as a boy and began to cry as emotion just overcame me.  I pounded down the beer, left a 20 on the table and ran out to get some fresh air.  Immediately, I went to the cemetery to visit the graves of my Nanny and Poppy.  I laid down for a while and made a pact with myself to go for dinner at the Spaghetti place every Friday night for the next year as tribute to them!   The End  

thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was a great man. He wrote the Declaration Of Independence, and served as the third president of the United States Of America. His birthday actually changed for some reason I forgot. He had lots of children and wifes. His dad and mom both died by the time he was 14. He was the oldest of all his brothers and sisters. Overall I think Thomas was a great man.