the final fight

one night in the light of the moon the grey wolves where stalking the elves. they surrounded them and said "give up now mistress" to the grand elf queen. the elves made a hole in their lines and retreated to a high hilltop. then the arrows came. the arrows from millions of elves hailed down on the grey wolves. thier ranks  where shattered and fronm the hilltop came the ringing voice of the queen: "this is the final battle!" she said and from behind her camea swarm of elven spearmen who came to decemate the remaining fragments of the grey wolves. but the grey wolves wherehardy and trained meelee fighters and where obliterated by the elves but at a high elven price. to keep it short many troops where lost and the grey wolf general escaped to join the rest ofthe kings army.

Courage: A fictional story

The day I found my courage, I found myself. I knew I found it, I felt courage in my mind and body. It's like I became knew person, a better person, a stronger person. My courage was always in me, like it is in you. It's inside of everyone, whether you found it or not. The day I found my courage, it's too long of a story to write, a brief summary is doable. Imagine you're in a school, sitting at a desk with your name on it. You make direct eye contact with the person next to you, they send you a glare but you try to ward off their negative forces by ignoring it and finishing the schoolwork in front of you. This kid next to you just won't look away, you break eye contact completely and just try to focus on your writing. But when the time came to go out to recess, things escalated very quickly.  As this person is walking towards you, You have to man up and take whatever they are throwing at you. You stand up, nice and tall, when they say two words no one can erase. Those dreaded words that would make the toughest person in the world flinch. "Big chungus." You run away hyperventilating as you dash with leaving everything behind, right into the road-

Finding Money

I was waiting for a train and started pacing back and forth.  I noticed a strange duffle bag inside of a hole.  I wondered to myself what could be in that bag.  I got a piece of rope and tied one end of it to a nearby pole. The other end of the rope I tied around my chest, and slowly climbed down into the hole.  As I reached the bottom and picked up the bag.  I slowly unzipped the bag and found that the bag was full of $100 bills. Some random stranger pulled me back out of the hole.  I climbed on board a train bound for Chicago.  I use the money to buy an apartment for myself.  I also decided to purchase a monster truck.  After this I lived happily ever after.

Forest Elves

 "Forest elves aren't real!" yelled Katie to her friend Stephany

"Yes they do!" Stephany yelled back "

then give me prove!" Katie yelled 

" I don't have any quite yet!"

"then ha forest elves aren't real!" Katie yelled for the last time.

         The next day Stephany awoke from a nice sleep were she dreamed that she was walking through the forest behind her house and she saw a forest elf and followed it into the forest elf world. Today was a Saturday and Stephany was worried about how Katie and her had had a big argument about forest elves. Stephany was so worried that she decided to call Katie and see if she wanted to come over for the day, Katie said yes. Later that day Stephany and Katie went into the woods behind Stephany's house and decided to talk about the argument they had the other day. As they were walking Katie thought she saw a animal or something following them. She told Stephany what she thought she had saw. The both stopped walking and listened to the forest around them then both of them saw the flash and a forest elf came into view. Katie nearly fainted at the sight of the elf as Stephany gasped then all of the sudden the forest elf was gone. Stammering Katie and Stephany made their way back to Stephany's house. And they never had the argument about forest elves ever again. 



Courage is attained in many ways. Some through birth while others through experiences. Those whom have no way of either can always use liquid courage. Liquid courage is just you but drunk. Something like that I wouldn't know. There's a difference between a courageous person and a foolish one. Courageous people usually are built stronger and are good leaders. They also have less fear then the average person. (I think so at least I didn't study this)

The rule for everyone (are getting insane)

What would happen if you could make up a rule, a rule for the whole world to follow, what rule would you choose to make a reality? Would you choose world peace, everyone would choose world peace. So someone did choose world peace, well in an interesting way. If there is any sexism, or racism seen by an authority figure it is stopped immediately which sounds great but this one time at school, this teacher at school, Mr.John are gym coach said we should play a girls versus boys dodgeball game not only did he get a teacher suspension but we got dismissed from gym for the week (and it's Monday!) So anyway this kid also said you look like poop which some seirus racism for a third grader.    Anyway that's are school right now bye!

I'll try to keep you posted.


"They are not" Jack said him and his frend Tom were arging about if elves were rell "then lets go in together" see howes write then. "Ok" replied Jack they wanderd arownd they hered and then a twig snaped they stoped in thier trackes "what was that?" Jack asked "me" a tall man sed" he hald long white har and a bow and arows "my name is Cram I am an elf me and my civelisashon live just north of you would you like to see it?" "yes" the boys said "ok" he chukeld he led them a wiell and then a clering 

Slow motion

My lungs are burning as they have never burned before. Every gulp of air I try to swallow seems to escape my grasp as soon as it came. My legs are screaming for me to stop, but I can't, I know I cant. If I stop running now I will never be able to start again. I need to reach them. I need to make it in time. Time, my biggest enemy. I hope I have enough. 


if i had to choose one rule then i would choose that no one can do eny thing remotely bad meaning everyone is peaceful and happy.

Deep Down

 It was a normal sunny day. I was at my grandmas on a hot summer day. My grandma and my sister were in the pool. I was about 5 at the time. I decided to take a brake. I took of my swimmies off and started to relax. When I opened my eyes I could see my grandma and sister paying with my favorite toy. I got really tense and I jumped in the pool with no swimmies. I went down and sank. At first everything went dark, but then I opened my eyes and all I could see was blue. I was scared, I tried to stand up, but I was to short. I decided I would enjoy the time I had just an case I was gonna die. I was sure that was gonna be the end. All the sudden I see my sister come down to the bottom of the pool. At first I thought she was a mermaid. I was super happy. Then I thought mermaids are not real I must be dead. Then after a second I realized it was my sister and she grabbed me. She brought me up to the top of the pool and I coughed up so much water. My sister saved my life. My grandma was crying and so was me and my sister. That was the story of the day I almost died. 


A forest

So peaceful, but so lonely

Leaves crunch, bugs squirm, when they see my boots hit the ground

Look up

Here the bird's chirp, they talk just like us, but it is so much more beautiful  

Sometimes you stop in your path and just decide that you wish your world could stay silent for just one second

But no, it can't be like that, everyone is loud

Everyone disagrees

Everyone disrespect one another 

So just wish, and be human, but think

So peaceful

A forest

SO MUCH MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once I was going downtown to go spend the money that I got from work. I say a HUGE black bag and di not touch because I was alone. I saw that the bad was sort of stuffed and that it was weird shaped. I also noticed that the bag could have had a bomb in them. I open the bag I then at that time I knew I was rich. Later I went to go spend it and now you might know me but do you.

Not Enough Courage


So much courage,

So much courage it takes to stand up for yourself.

To show the real you.


Whether it’s being called out in a group for not owning a pair of shoes,

not having as good of grades as your siblings,

or being called names for absolutely no reason at all by classmates you don’t even speak to.


The pressure, the nerves that won’t leave your side.

Feeling fear for absolutely no reason at all.

It doesn’t make sense why some of us feel the way we feel.


Our self conscience always in the way.

Never allowed to have any fun.


The butterflies leave my stomach.

Im almost ready to speak.

But moments later they return, like they never left me.


Sheep on the loose

Sheep! that was the last thing Annabelle wanted to be worrying about, she would rather be doing math homework than chasing after the sheep again. She walked down the hill where her house sat. It was getting dark and cold, she had to find them fast before they wandered to fast. She crossed the small brook at the base of the hill and bent down to go over the fence. She jumped down and walked, and walked, and walked. Glancing down at her watch she realized she had been walking for almost an hour. It was now 9:30! The sun had gone down long ago and her flashlight seemed to be slightly dimming. She was now far away from her home and the light from the windows were now small specks. She knew it was time to call it quits. She retraced her steps, climbed over the fence, crossed the brook, and prepared to tell her parents the news that she had lost the sheep. Opening the door as quietly as she could she felt like crying. Her mom stood next to the table doing paperwork.

“Mom,” she began. “I lost the sheep. I came home and they weren’t there and I tried I really tried to go after them. I really did. Please don’t be angry with me.” Annabelle began to cry. The sheep weren’t even theirs, they belonged to a neighbor that went on a vacation for the summer and couldn’t take care of them. What would they say? She looked up at her mother who began to laugh. “We were wondering where you wandered off too.” while you were out the sheep must have come back before you did because they have been here the whole time!” She told me it was alright and that I could go right to bed. I was so relieved, but also annoyed. Those sheep had gotten me so scared.






Courage is something you feel,

What you feel when you stand up and do a presentation.

When you stand up to that bully that is spreading rumors about you.

What you feel when you are trying something new.


Something that a lot have people have,

But keep it locked up in a cage deep down.

Something that a lot of people use,

 To express their feelings

Or use to stick up for themselves

 Used to stick up for the ones that have their courage locked up.

This is courage



" Get back here Sam, you little brat" chasing after my dog is one thing I don't like to do but, somebody has to walk him. I stumble through the big fat roots on the forest floor. All most knocking myself over a couple of time. Ive never been in this part of the forest and Ive been walking through this forest for years"get back here Sam, Sam, Sam" I start to grow very still and paniky not knowing where to go. All of a sudden I stumble in to something strange like something almost unreal. I sook around achally paying attion to something other then my feet. Hell I call out feeling like somebody was watching me. "Hello Ihear a freaky voice say I turn around and start seeing things that I have'ent seen before. "How did you mange to get to this part of the forest" "Ew" I hear somebody say"Gross It's a human"    


We live in such a small world,

In a small town,

In a small school,

In an even smaller family,

In a small house.


We live within ourselves,

In our own personal small worlds,

Ignoring our small school,

Avoiding our small family,

Wanting to leave our small house.

But, we can’t.


Existing vicariously through the people,

The people who do what we wish we could,

Who do what we wish we would,

What we should,

Good grades, skilled in sports, musically talented, artistic, Succeeding,



Pressure closing in,

Our claustrophobia suffocating us,

Like a fish out of water,

Flopping around without purpose,

Without hope.


And all at once, we’re finished.


We’re finished waiting around in our personal worlds,

Finished ignoring our small school,

Finished avoiding our small family,

Finished wanting to leave our small house,

Rather than wanting, we do.


We make it happen,

We pull all the courage from the bottom of our hearts,

Like it’s the last chip in the pringle can,

And instead of, ignoring, avoiding, wanting,

We do.


Spaghetti and One Big Meatball

I have seen this sign SO MANY times, and not once have I stopped and ate the Spaghetti. After see it so many times, I figured I'll try it. Walking in, the restruant seemed to be a little run down, the shades were stained, the plates were dirty and the worst thing was that the forks were rusty. I ordered Spaghetti with one big meatball on top. When my food came, it looked good. So, I tried my first bite... The first thing that came to my minded while eating it was, this was the BEST Spaghetti I've ever had. I really could not think of a time when I had better food then I was eating. When I left, I thought to myself, I will never say or think anything bad about this place. When I woke up the next say, I already knew what I was having for lunch.

Those Boys

"No that's completely inaccurate. Time travel is impossible."

"Not true what so ever it is possible." I rolled my eyes. That was one pointless conversation. They're wasting their time talking about that. I looked over at them. They're done now. Now they're debating about football and girls. Classic. I waited for the subway (or train whatever you want to call it) to come. It was later than usual. My bag was heavy on my arm. I wish that I could just wear a backpack but in New York if you have a backpack you'll get mugged. I looked over at those boys again. I had never seen them before but they looked my age. I looked back at where the subway would soon be. It was taking forever. I could still hear those boys debating. They were so loud. But then they stopped. I looked over again and they were holding something. It looked like a huge purse. They opened it and pulled out money. They high fived each other. Oh my gosh. They must've stolen it. I started to walk over. But than the train came. Oh great! They ran inside. I also ran inside. I couldn't find them though. I sat down. I wish I had talked to them, to get them to leave it and not steal it. How selfish.