Money Bag

"What's over there," I think to myself 

"Why is there a trash bag on the shore"

I walk over start to get up close and see that there is a stranger walking up too, are we both going to see what this is doing there?

Is this his bag? 

I speak up "Hey is this your bag?" 

"No, I'm just trying to see what it is," said the stranger

"Oh, me too"

I get there before the stranger and I feel like I should wait for him but I really want to know. I end up waiting for the guy and I am very nervous to open it, is it trash and I just wasted my time, is it a dead body, am I going to get in trouble for coming down here. 

"Open on three," I asked

"S-s-s-sure" the guy says as he is nervous also

"Ready, three, two, one...."

Taco bell

the one rule I would make if I became ruler of the world is to add more Taco Bell’s cause Taco Bell is great and they’re should be more of them.


"That bag looks funny, let's go check it out" 

"Oh my gosh there is a bunch of money in here" 

Nobody is around so we take the bag and go straight to goss dodge and buy brand new cummins then head to land air and buy some brand new $20,000 snowmobiles. Load them into the brand new truck and go off to open a business and make even more money.


 Moneybag: Two strangers happen upon a bag of money while they're waiting for a train. Who are they? What do they do?


Two people were walking to the train one day, their names were Bob and Even and they stumble across a bag of money and they debated on calling the cop but they both agree on sliting the money so they can have it for whatever they want. 

Seven minute writing prompt

Two bodies approach a duffle bag filled with one million non sequential twenty dollar bills. The first man looks around the room at his surroundings. Nothing but the steel chairs and small table in the room with him and the other man. The duffle bag sits on the table next to a tape recorder. Man 1 presses play on the small device and Man 2 leans in to hear better. A mysterious voice says the two men have a choice to make, split the money evenly and walk out of the room or kill the other and take the money for themselves. Man 1 begins trying to coerce Man 2, reason with him, into splitting the cash and going on their separate ways. Moments later Man 2 leaves the room with the duffle bag.

The Elves

Do you believe in Elves? I didn't, up until a few months ago, when the strangest thing ever happened to me. The day it all started started like any normal day. I had just gone to my brother's college basketball game, and his team had lost. Now I was sitting in the back row of my car, looking at the autumn trees out the window while my brother complained to my dad in the passenger seat. The car wen by a field of cows, and I could have sworn there was something humanoid on one of the cows. I looked back at it, but we had already passed by. For the rest of the ride home, I sat there, wondering about what it could have been. When we got home, my brother kicked off his shoes and stormed upstairs to his room, slamming the door. I didn't want to be in the house with my brother in a bad mood, so I took my dog, Cake batter, for a walk. She's some sort of mixed breed I found at the shelter a few months ago. She is somewhere between the size of a Bulldog and a Beagle, and has longish white fur with light brown splotches. As we headed out, I saw another small humanoid creature by a tree. It was about two feet tall, had dark hair, and was wearing an outfit that looked as if it was made out of leaves and other natural materials. Cake batter started to bark at the creature. "Cake batter, No!" I yelled. She pulled free of my grip, and bounded off towards the creature. She pounced on the creature, who had taken no notice of her until she tried to eat has leafy shoe. I ran over and picked her up, and watched as the little creature got to his feet. "I am so sorry!" I said to him. At least, I think it was a he. "That's all right." Said the creature. "Squirrels like her attack me all the time. Squirrels like elves." At the mention of the word squirrel, Cake batter started to whine. I frowned. "Cake batter isn't a squirrel! She's a dog!" "Well I'm sorry, but I haven't had any run ins with these dog things before." I shook my head. This creature didn't make any sense at all. Then he turned around and headed off into the woods. "Hey! Come back!" I hurried after the little creature, Cake batter in my arms.

We Sheep


We are sheep all five
who live on a ledge with trees of green
and other sheep left unseen.

We gaze upon the world all day
wondering about the affairs
of people who trample it without cares.

We are hopeful sheep
who have struck out on our own
and realize we are better together than alone.

Our hidden sheep stand with us
not inclined to share their voice
but they gaze with us as is their choice.

We are sheep all five
watching in amazement as the world turns
hoping that each one of us learns

Keep Earth safe.


     The five were the sentinels for the runaway sheep. This was their regular routing: escape, be rounded up by the little shepherd girl who wouldn't take no for an answer, follow the rules until the next escape.
     "Really? I see you Isadora, Lucy, Lily, Myrtle and Peppi. I'm sending Hughie up behind you to chase you down. Why do you always make this such an ordeal?" Anna wondered aloud as she too climbed the hill behind the errant sheep.