The sound of the train rushes past them

They lift out of their warm, comfortable chairs

Mentally preparing for the trip ahead

As they walk out into the crisp, December air

They notice something

Underneath a snow covered bench

A singular, lonely bag

With no label and the looks of isolation

One of them reaches down

As the other suggests to leave

They peak in with a slight hesitation

As they spot the faces of Benjamin

They look at each other in uncertainty

Without a word they stuff the bag into their suitcase

And enter the awaiting train

They sit in their seats, wanting to feel the push of the train accelerating

Footsteps approach their seats

They take their tickets out for the conductor

A large man approaches the men in the seat

And speaks of seeing them stealing

They deny his statement

He lifts his overcoat

Revealing a concealed sidearm

And threatens the two men

Without hesitation the suitcase containing the bag

Is pushed towards the large man

Picked up, as he fades down the train cars hallway.



Prison Walls

           I fought the urge to peel the paint off the wall and place the thin lacquered layer on my tongue since stepping into the abandoned prison. An urge so strong it was screaming non-stop in my ear and my head was splitting. If the afternoon activity went on for longer than a few more moments, I would lose this battle.

           The prison was listed on the itinerary as must-see historical location of southern Vermont, a place ripe with inquiry into the punitive practices of the turn of the century, now a few windstorms away from demolition. Five of us stood in the doorway after convening in the parking lot. I had been laughing about something as our guide unbolted and then pried open the heavy metal door. Laughing like we were about to enter an Olive Garden to sip wine on a Saturday afternoon and not entering a place where torture was commonplace, where mental illness a crime, where abuse daily protocol. But as soon as the door did open the joking stopped. Like lead. Heavy all around. Replaced by peeling paint. On door jambs and window casings. Along the cracks in the walls. Left in piles swept up by decades of shuffling visitors and errant airs.

         My trembling hand wavers over the broken bits sharp and edgy breaking right before my eyes. The tour guide is listing the most prominent inmates of the last century. The woman who butchered her fiance, the man who buried his neighbor, the teacher who went mad; each a compelling story of isolation and trouble, but all I wanted was to let one small sliver of decayed wall and lost life desolve on my tongue. To taste their horror. To acknowledge their silent end.  


I love spaghetti.       It is so good because I love the butter on yummy noodles with sauce but NO meatballs. 

I hate meatballs even though I love beef I just Hate the icky smell and taste.  I really like this dinner when I am on my couch 

watching TV and eating this stuff. It is very yummy and I think this is a great family dinner too. When I think spaghetti I think

Parmesan CHEESE.  When I put this stuff on my spaghetti I fall in LOVE. It is like a FLAVOR BOMB just went off in my mouth,

it's just like flavor HEAVEN. I've loved spaghetti all my life and I will keep eating it for the rest of my life.


the elfs that once lived

There once lived elves, mythical creatures who lived in a dark oak forest. They all had friends and food to live. These creepy little elves always played mushroom ball. They tossed a mushroom top around until the giant humans came and squished them ALL!!!!! There was blood and guts everywhere. Some elves lived by hiding under a clover or small rocks. They are kind of like shadows they can go anywhere. Some just got hurt a little they survived with only a broken leg or arm. There where still others around the world, and little did they know the humans where coming!!!!! The others were busy dreaming about cupcakes and rainbows. They where hiding in an underground giant city. One day the humans were running around and the underground city all caved in and they died!


Lots of money

Every person wants to be rich

They always want more than they have

So where is the line

What is enough?


If you found a bag of money

What would you do?

Pay off a lone?

Put it in you savings?

Or maybe go on a vacation?


I’ll tell you what 2 men would do

Carle and steve are waiting for the train

They were going on a nice get away to New York

But they find a backpack

It contains $100000

They go insane.


They decide to see if they can go through one $100000

In one weekend.

And they try their hardest

They book the nicest hotels in New York.


They have a massive party with Kevin Hart.

It got crazy.

There was a lot of baking powder passed around.

When the morning approached

It was tragic.

Everyone had died on baking powder.


But miraculously, they had accomplished their goal  

The $100000 was spent.

In only one night.


If you put your mind to something,

Nothing can stop you from accomplishing your goal.



i was waiting for a train when i looked over and saw a gap in the floor so i walked over and looked in side and it was a big black bag so i grab it and looked in it what i find is amazing MONNEY millens of dollers so insted of waiting  for the train i went out of the train stashin and stertid buying stuf 

the elf

  there was a elf that did not think houmines  wear not real but one day he saw one he though they wear fassuntating

but one day a man that hated elf saw him and he got a gun and shot the pore elf and the elf and houmines wear at war ever sens                                                                 


the time I missed the shot

the game of basketball was tomorrow. I was ready. I worked hard in practice I got a lot of shots I was the best on the team.I felt so great I went for a slam dunk bo ya I made it I felt so awsome I stared jumping in the air. novemder 25 tuseday the game. it was the secand half we were wining by two points. the other time was going for the shot but until I took it form there hands no one was on the other side of the cort i ran as fast as I could i jumped high in the air I went for a slam dunk two seconds on the clock one two the ball droped  I failed the team I I missed the shot that was game the other team won they won by one I just suck.

THE Rule

  It's happened.....I have become the ruler of the world and I want to be as succinct as possible about laws.  In other words, I think about what rule could really be easy to understand and cut right to the point for most people.   Well, if I was in charge I think the rule that I would want to attempt to govern with is this:  JUST BE NICE.  

  I have seen it on many bumper stickers and it strikes something with me.  I am a very no nonsense person, enormously practical and I tend to try to get right to the point in as few words as possible.  That is why I think this simple rule works for me.  It covers so much at once and it seems to me that this rule would make the world a better place and eliminate much of the conflict we see on a daily basis.  

  Of course, we would have to probably educate people on what being nice means- which might be more complicated than I think but if we could find a way to ingrain kindness, generosity and compassion and empathy  into every human being, I bet we would find that the world became a simpler place.  

The Forest of the Brave

      I wake up to the sound of a scream. I look around. I'm in the woods?! I'm confused yet I don't feel scared. I search my head to my toes. I pinch myself just to assure this isn't a dream. And of course, it's not. I lift myself from the ground. I hear the same scream, but this time it was more of a high-pitch crying noise. And of course, stupid little me goes to explore it anyways. I pull my jeans up right underneath my belly-bottom and grab a stick off of the ground just to get the adrenaline pumping. I walk as I always do, fearless and sassy. I move the plants and tree branches out of my way with the stick I had been carrying to get the video-game type vibe.

The Money Bag

Alen and Fred were best friends. Wherever Alen went, so did Fred. Wherever Fred went, so did Alen. They actually spent more time at each others houses than they did at their own! One day, Alen decided to take a trip to London. So of course Fred did too. Their train left at seven thirty pm, Tuesday, June ninteenth. They each bought their tickets and began packing. As soon as they finished, they met up at the station. 

"Hi Fred!" Said Alen.

"Hey Alen!" Said Fred.

Just as the train pulled up, they both noticed a mysterious brown sack at the left side of their platform. They didn't have to talk. They both ran over to the bag and grabbed it. It wasn't quite as heavy as they expected, but they knew what had to be inside. Money. Another thing I forgot to tell you is that they're both very poor. If there was a lot of money inside that bag, thay would both give it to their families and not need to worry about bills anymore. They exchanged glances and quickly boarded the train.

"All aboard!" Shouted the conducter as the train doors swung shut. The train began to move along the creaking tracks. First slowly, then fast. The two boys scrambled down the train isle into their compartment. They opened the brown bag of money and their jaws dropped. Inside the bag.....was one dollar.

Walking in the Forest

so one time there where 2 girls named lily and molly and they where walking in the forest to there car they just came form there friends  house  and they where  haring  stuff they kept  walking faster and they heard it again there stared running it was there friend max he was trying  to be than the girls got to there car and lily was going to drop of molly at home so she was and when they were driving the car behind them where beeping a lot and flashing there lights

Fleeting Hope

I saw a shooting star today.

A short glowing streak slicing across the dark night.

Such occurrences are rare in this city.

I closed my eyes, gripped my hands together, and made a couple wishes.

“Please, get me out of this place.”

“Please, give me what it takes to get through this.”

“Please, let me go home.”

I opened my eyes, and looked out at the smoky sky.

Another streak followed.

The neighbors were flicking cigarette butts out the window.

It seems that happiness doesn’t come so easily around here.

one time that i have had courage

one time that i have had courage to do something. One time i was with my dad at a play and i was the princess and that one time i was going to do it i kidof got stage fright then my dad was like go Sydney and i was like dad i cant then i hade a nuf courge to do it and me and my freind emma raspe and ava l where all playing in the play and the hole school was waching and thats when i did it and the hole croud cheerd for me and that was the best time because i actully did sopthing that i was not scard to do and ever sence that happend i have never been stage fright ever  right know.the one time that i was with my mom and i was graduwating from 4 grade i go stagr fright and that was when i had to say my speech and all the stafs and techers and kids that where there looked at me and my mom and dad and meme and gram was there and know i am just not scard and as bright and buttful as i haver ever been and that is what matters and that is good for me and all that i know and learn to do.well if you are stage fright then try to do it and you will secseed so plese just try to do this because ypu will make it to where you want to go and do what you want to do and i know that you dont know how i am but i am a nice person so belive me when i tll you this so really try your hardist to do it.

I don't know what to do

I don't know what to write. I guess I will just say what I did today/ do tomorrow. I had P.E today. I got 4,967 steps in 35 minutes, not enough? Try it for yourself if you think you can beat that. I also played zombie tag today with the boys, sadly I got tagged and I had to tag other people. I failed misrably. We had math today, I worked with my partner and planned a presentation for a math fair in school. I got an anxiety attack in foreign lauguage, and the teacher said that I had to say "hello" in french (Bonjour). I am going to have a play date with someone tomorrow, we are going to work and play some games. Like the nintendo switch, WiiU, and etc. I am going to play roblox with my other friend, SlashX. A fun game where you have to get other people. I asked my crush if he liked me with a note. He didn't answer yet, but hopefully he will. Write now, (Heh, get it? Write? Right?!) I am typing this because my teacher wants me to so then people can read this, but I don't want anybody to see mine. Okay, since I told you everything, I will now tell you some facts about me! 1#, I love dark magenta and black! Those colors make me want to get revenge on someone who did something bad to me. 2#, I used to love eating myself, like eat my finger skin (sorry if it's graphic). 3#, I want to become a YTber or a scientist when I grow up. 4#, I have a YT channel named "Angela Pan". Not amazing, but I would love if you subscribed, I want at least 100 subs when I turn 12. 5#, I'm asian. I'm not saying where I'm from (for personal reasons). Okay, I have to go! Bye!!! :) :3 <3


Two guys named Tom and Michel, have been on the run for years. They were once waiting for the train and they happen to stumble around a bag of money. They look at each other in curosity. " Should we take it? I mean it's not that much..." Says Tom.

"Well I mean we should take it if no one will." said Michel. 

They took the bag of money and stuffed it there bright orange bag. Tom takes the bag and runs off, Michel behind. They realize that it was a trap. A person named Dr. Scorken has put them to jail. They know that there boss will be raging! Tom and Michel work for a secret company of criminals. 

Tom with a dirty black hoodie runs to the car not even thinking about his boss. Michel get is the car and takes the bag to see what is in it. 

"holy!!" Says Michel 

"This is one million dollars!" Michel says in such shock.

"Well who cares right know, Dr. Scorken is after us..." Says Tom in a angry and happy voice. 

They go as far away as possible in their volts wagon, it does not come up to them that they are to far away from their job. This is when they start running away from everyone just because of a moneybag. Bad things will ruin your life.

The Spaghetti

Joe was a 17 year old dwarf who lived underground with his mother and father. One day Joe was about to have his favorite meal of spaghetti at the local restaurant and his dad was going to meet him and his mom there, their food was being brought to their table when suddenly the spaghetti sprang out of the bowl and started terrorizing the customers starting with his mother, with a burst of adrenaline Joe grabbed his father and sprinted out the door, he then realized his one crucial mistake HIS MOM WAS STILL IN THERE. He thought to himself I have to save her if I don't she will never buy me spaghetti ever again. (Yes the first thing on his mind was food just like normal) He and his father started thinking because they had to devise a plan quick enough so that his mom wouldn't be very angry and still buy him spaghetti and his father was being foolish or so he though by actually thinking about his mother's safety rather than just her ability to buy them food. Joe decided that he would have to try to climb in through the vents while his father walked in the front door as a distraction, Joe would then let down a rope climb down it and start eating the spaghetti monster, the only thing his father had to do was walk in and beg for his beautiful wife Angeline back hope that the monster would do a evil laugh and be too distracted by the pleading man to notice a young 17 year old boy start eating him because if the monster saw Joe eating him that  was sure to be the end of Joe and the people's last hope for survival. The entire underground dwarf world was relying on Joe to manage to eat the spaghetti monster, previously if you had asked Joe if he could eat a spaghetti monster without it realizing he would have confidently said "yes, of course I could how would it be difficult to eat my favorite food?" But now in the face of a dangerous spaghetti monster who was about to eat his mother he was not so sure anymore. While I have been distracting you and the spaghetti monster Joe has been crawling through the vents getting ready to climb down and eat the spaghetti monster. Joe could feel it, he was nearly at the right vent cover he just had to crawl a couple more yards, he found the right vent cover slowly took it off and put it inside the vent with him grabbed his rope from his backpack and then...

money bag

SO these two man got found a bag of money and brought it on the train with them.A lot of people stared at it.One of the men said "We should get off soon,to many people are staring.Then the 2 man said "Yeah we should". So they got off and went home, both of them split the money.That was  100,000,000,000 $  that's a lot of money!  they had a good life,they never got caught. The End

The Spaghetti Sign

"Hi! I don't know who you are listening to me narrating this story but my name is AJ, I know my name is only 2 letters but I think it's cool, so I'm here to tell you to a story on spaghetti, that sounds really boring but it isn't, okay, now let's get on to the story."  

Hi you're inside my head now, so you can 'hear' all my thoughts, that sounds creepy actually now that I'm thinking about it, get it? Okay back to the story, so I usually walk past this sign right and I don't mind it, but then one day it isn't there anymore, and then I'm all like "Put that sign back up..."  But then they were all like "Get out of here, and never come back you 'NUT'!!" So here I am right now standing here at the bus station in the rain waiting for the bus, I bet you were hoping for something...Happier, but this is my life so yeah my life is about cheese, TV, ramen, and Jennifer Lopez, so I have a great life, huh?     So right now I'm going to school right now and it's raining out, I love my life so much,  oh my god they put the sign back on the restourant, I'll go inside, and I did and till this day I go in there before school.