The Rule

A dream, after years of hard work

I finally made it, the leader of the

World. The top gun, big cheese.

Even though it’s only been a tiny

Part of the process and thought

I’ve put into this job, choosing my

One rule to apply too the rest of

The world. Most leaders choose a

Humanities law, but I am undecided.

The memories come rolling back

Hundreds of cold nights dreaming

Of what to choose, no decisive

Answers time, and time again.

I waste days of work by jotting down,

Idea after idea. Tired, exhausted by

the relentless recurrence of this thought.

Finally i get to sleep and I pray for “the

Rule” to be revealed to me. And alas

It was.


Papyrus's Spagetti

As I smell the home-cooked pasta as I walked in the room the best thing I have smelled since I was a little kid. The waiter wearing a red scarf walked over to show me to my seat. funny how strange I met him before I remember because his name tag said 'Papyrus' this is the strangest day of my life "oh Isaugo long time no see!" he finally noticed it was me! "yeah Papyrus, and hows your brother doing?" he perked up and smiled at me "Sans is doing well thanks" I haven't had a conversaiton with anyone since last year so I kinda am awkward around a lot of people. And I realized Papyrus was rushing over to greet Sans. He saw me and jumped a little like you do during a jumpscare. I walk over to them "hey Sans!" I smile, he scratched the back of his head "y-yeah Isaugo" Papyrus, Sans and I sat down and has his homemade spaggeti.

                                                                                                          The End!

In Time

Finally, I caught up. I came in second place. I got home at two o'clock and once I got home, I had to baby sit two children named Tim and John. Five hours later, I'm finally putting those two rambunctious kids to bed. 

The Day I met Ishrick

              My name is Bill, when I was younger my mom told me about the magical forest elves. She said this if an elf trusted you they would grant you 1 wish. I told her that I did not belive her. And she shrugged and walked away, but soon I was grown up and I had learned that all things in storybooks were not real. But when day I had been in the woods trying to get proof that the elf were not real. I knew I had to be very quite still. But then I saw it, an elf, of what looked to be an elf was hiding in a log. People had always told me that the elf was not real, then I saw my mothers face. I told her I saw her and she came out. Then I yelled at her "mom! You know I was at work I took a video of you and by the way, may I remind you that that was live, I turned the video off but my show is called #myth. Know people know that for once I was wrong!" I stalked away promising myself to tell people about the incident. I would tell them the next day  at the same place

            But this time I saw another elf! Then I saw my moms hair I said the same thing I had said yesterday. She said she would not do it again but when she walked away I saw another elf this one was clearly real! She said her name was Ishrick and she had known me for a long time, she said now that she trusted me I would get one wish! What did I wish for? For him to be my friend forever!



as an arow pirses a tree a loud baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa comes frome the army of sheeps behined the bushes as the dark elevs atack now the dark elfs are not the standard tall wood elfs they were pixi like cretures with pointy ears coal black skin 8 gleaming red eyes and they were 6 inches tall with wings  

The Sheep Revolution!

     The time had come. It was the time to end all misery and to be freed from those horrible humans. Those mean ones that took advantage of us and took our  fuzzy fur to make things they didn't even need. It was time for this to end. it was time for a new life. The life where Sheep would have more freedom than ever. But that wasn't happening soon at all. Or so I thought.

"Lets go!" wispered mama in the middle of the night. "now!"

"where?" I asked.

" I'll tell you when we get there." she answered. That's what I loved about mama. she wasn't like those other adults that never answered others questions


courage is a vey importent thing i have not had a lot of courage in my past i have been getting more confined with my courage  and it is so much easery for mye and i apresharte have ing to be abel to stick up for my self also courage is something everyone has becaue without it you would not be at school getting egactiion or at home or even eating that is way everyone should have a little coureg in themselfs it is not hard going to school with a little courage or confined it may make things better for you and even going to school with a littel to much confined can feel nice as long as you don't make it bad and start to be rude so that is why i think courage is a really good thing to have even for me it is really good to have or i would not be at school and you would not be reading this that is why courage is a good thing even if you have a little extra courage so i really hope you like it.  

elves are cool

Elves are cool because they are immortale,they are great with the bow,they are tall,they have long hair,they can be magcle,they can run fast,and they can fight very well.

The Spaghetti Mystery

This was weird. I walked past the spaghetti shop I walked past every day with my friends down town, but I was by myself this time. When I was with my friends, we never went inside. I don't know why, because we all loved noodles. It was a bit run down, I guess. But not that bad. One day, I just walked inside. I don't know why I did, but I just did. It felt weird, for some reason, to walk into a spaghetti shop. But it also felt good. Really good. Like something heavy had just been lifted off of my shoulders. I went and sat down on one of the musty old tables. The waiter came around a few minutes later and told me that she loved the food here. She said it was so good, that that was why she started working here. I ordered the only thing they had on the 'menu', which was 'traditional spaghetti and meatballs'. It took literally a split second until they had it in front of me. Right when I was about to take a bite of the spaghetti, my phone buzzed. I looked down with the fork still in my hand, and read the text. It was from my mom, no suprise, and she was wondering where I was. I ate the bite of spaghetti I had on my fork. Right after I did, I wanted to come back here again. You might call it a spell, an old trick, whatever. But I know that it was not genuine, but meant to happen.


 hiking. My least favorite activity I mean what's so fun about going on a random trail that has no grand finale or boss fight, why not just stay home and play video games? I'm not outdoorsy you probably figured that out from what I just said however my parents have a different view on things so that's why I'm hiking right now. Wait where are my parents? oh no! and what was that, I heard a tree fall. Okay,just stay still that's what your'e supposed to do when you're lost right? I'm freaking out I can't hear my parents and I see shadows moving swiftly around me . behind me I hear a leaf crunch, a leather sack is pulled over my head and... Oh no I just woke up and who are these people they are baring bows and arrows and some of the people are wearing thick leather armor "what should we do with him?" I hear one ask without thinking I blurt out "what do you mean what should you guys do with me?!" the expressions are their faces has changed from calm and emotionless  to surprised and shocked

The Rightful Owner

 Everything went black, People were talking, and I didn't know what to do. My name is James and it was the year 2020. I had to go to work, my job was a normal boring job, which was just sitting on a chair, doing paper work on a desk, and working for 12 hours. I put my boots, jacket, gloves, and hat and go outside. When I open the door I see about at least 10 cars where I was staring. But when I look to the left and right I see at least 100 cars now!

"ok, so maybe I shouldn't drive today," I say.

"Let's see what my other choices are, the bus, I can't breath at all, walking, it's about 2 hours by feet so no, the train, um I guess I can try."

When I remembered the last time I went on a train I was about 4 years old. Now I'm 36 years old. The closest train there was is 4 minutes away. So now I'm heading to the train. i finally get there and see mostly no one there. So I wait there but then I hear a whistle blow, a screeching noise, then I see it. The train. I close my ears because it's loud. The train door opens and start walking. I try finding a open seat. Then I see two guys with black jackets and a big bag there both carrying. Must've been super heavy. They both look around which makes no sense. There were initials that said M.L. on the bag.

sheep going to war

the sheeps are going to war with the bears for eting ther kind thay are evil bears that kill everething in ther path. and have large fanings that can bite thouro enything evin metil so the sheep put up barbd wirer. 


     Once, two guys, saw a money bag in their path on the way to wait for the bus, they looked at it, then peeked inside to see how much money there actually was. When they opened it, they saw so much money it was ridiculous! They had to open the money bag all the way to see the actual amount of money.                                                                                                                                         Time has passed and they counted up all the money, it seemed to be exactly 1 Million dollars. A little strange, so they were suspicious about this mysterious money bag. They quickly got on the bus that arrived then had to wait, and ran off without the money bag.                                                                                                                                                                                                       About a hour has passed, and the two guys are very stressed from the incident with the money bag. They were starting to calm down when a voice is heard from behind the seat they were sitting in... And the voice says "Why did you not take the money bag?" The two guys are startled when they heard this whisper. They look behind them, and they see nothing. The voice appears again "Why did you not take the money bag??" The voice seems more angry now. They still did not answer. 

   They got home and never heard the voice again.... They still wonder to this day what the money bag was all about.



What Should I do

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you did not know what to do and you did not know what was going to happen? Well one day I found myself feeling that way. I was waiting for the bus all by myself. It was a gloomy day and I was going down to the market for some tomatoes, lemons, and and sausage. My and I father have always made dinner together. Our mom left for the army when I was three and I miss her very much. I go to a public school and I do pretty well grades wise. I was a pretty normal kid till that Tuesday night when I lost everything. It all started with my crazy cat Fifi, she did not get much attention and she was sick of it. On that night she turned on the stove and an hour or so after the house was on fire. We did not have any phones to call for help and I knew that I had to get out. I could not go down the steps so I did not know what to do, jump out the window? Or should I go get my dad?            

money bag

money bag!! Ones I was walking in the forest and I saw a bag on top of a tree stump. What I did was pick up a stick of the ground and hit the bag what I heard a funny noise on the in side of that bag so i touch the bag and open the bag. What was in the bag was so cool I was so rich it was a bag of money this hole time. What I did with all the money was put it away for if i have no food and I will buy some food with my money

Spaghetti Story

 Oh when I walk past that Spaghetti and it seems to be calling me so I sit And I odor some spaghetti. So I am eating and All I hear in my head is the song. I want Spaghetti all covered with cheese........ The next day I walk by the same sign and I wonder If it is trying to tell me something. So I am staring at the sign when the owner comes along and says" What are you doing boy". I do not know what to say, so I say nothing and keep walking. When I get Home I think and think until I got! It represents any food( person) can do anything or be anything. I walk into school that day and I tell bullies to back and ask my friends to come with me after school to go somewhere.......After school we are walking to my house and we see the sign and they ask what does it mean? I say whatever you think it means, next we sit down and think and I repeat the Question. What does the sign mean to you.\?

Fred in a dark room

Dark in a room,

Down in the shed

Lived a little fool, 

His name was Fred.

It was bright outside but he din't care

All he cared: was not to share.

He din't share a friend

He din't even lend, 

He din't even have any mail to send.

In a dark dark room,

Down down in the shed

lived a little man,

The gingerbread Fred.