The King's Rule

The king roil. I am king of the world and I should get whatever I won't and no won can stop me my king you can ole make one rule want well I don't know want the rule I know a big ice cream but that want help anyone I know I want some thing but the people need some thing it will be to stop and we will build homes for the home lis and they will have a home. the end

money mystery

(this is not about me) It started one day when I was walking to the train station when I got there I went to a bench I sat down and saw some thing shine and I stud up and layed down and tilted my head left and there I saw a money bag that was open I pulled it to me and I looked in it and it had all kinds of coins and dalors and I herd the train behind me and I ziped it and got on the train when I got home I called 911 and the cops came and I tolled them  what happend and they said they would investigate the seen and they would come give it to me if no one clames it.

Not so right about elves

My name is Jen Samani and this is the tale of how I learned that I was not so right about elves. I was walking through the forest with my best friend Charles and we were walking to my house. We were going through the forest because he literaly beged me to. We were argueing about what I thought was a mith of fable whatever you want to call it we were talking about elves that Charles thought lived in these very woods. We were talking he said "Jen your go-" when I cut him off and said "Elves are not real and if your so sure why don't you get some proof!" and thats when I fell into the hole. I went tumbleing in and at the bottem I saw a cave and my curiosity overtook me so I went in and what I saw amazed me there were little leges and little mushroom houses  were on them. and then I saw them they were small elves they wern't dressed like fairy tales mad them out to be the wore normal clothes just really tiny. And thats when Charles came down and started shouting "I told you so I told you so!" And I say "I guess I wasn't so right about elves."  The End


goat meatballs

there once was a goat the goat was named fellow, fellow loved to leav his forest home and visit the bright bussy human town. here in the town fellow would visit the big sky scrappers and the city parks. one day when young fellow was walking down his favorite sidewalk he noticed a new restraunt had opened up, it was cald "pasta" in the restraunt he could smell delishess food and hot drinks, oh how the goat whanted to go in, but he'd tryed to go in shops befor and thay kicked him out, but he whent in anyway! it turns out it was a animal friendly shop! and they had goat meatballs(grass)and from that day foard sometimes if you go to that abandand town you can hear the silent "maas"of the goat named fellow.      

The time I had Courage(;

This is about the time I had courage to go on a roller coaster.

I was at Disney World and I was scared to go on a roller coaster, I don't remember the name so lets call it the rocker. I was there with my parents and my friend and my friends parents (my mom was pregnant). It was night time and we all were going to go pick out our final ride for the night. We were walking around then we found the rocker and they all said " Oh that looks fun" but I on the other hand was not so sure. 

     we were all in line ( That was good) and we saw people get in a two person cart and leave for the roller coaster ride. I was so scared and I never thought I would never go on the ride. When came our turn my dad and I were about go on on then I was like "Acually I don't want on" but then he carried my on and we were going Long story short I loved it and we went on it 10 times The End. 

the money bag

money bag!! Ones I was walking in the forest and I saw a bag on top of a tree stump. What I did was pick up a stick of the ground and hit the bag what I heard a funny noise on the in side of that bag so i touch the bag and open the bag. What was in the bag was so cool I was so rich it was a bag of money this hole time. What I did with all the money was put it away for if i have no food and I will buy some food with my money

money bag

money bag!! Ones I was walking in the forest and I saw a bag on top of a tree stump. What I did was pick up a stick of the ground and hit the bag what I heard a funny noise on the in side of that bag so i touch the bag and open the bag. What was in the bag was so cool I was so rich it was a bag of money this hole time. What I did with all the money was put it away for if i have no food and I will buy some food with my money

Elves Dragons and other creatures.

you may not believe in fantasy creatures like dragons or elves. but i can get you questioning there existence. if dragons were real they would probably not show them selves to humans in order for there survival. ever heard of disappearances in the forests? ever thought it could be elves protecting them selves? or maybe trolls? tell me if you believe now.

The Yellow Tunnel

Once upon a time, long long ago there was a beautiful girl. Everyone wanted to meet her, but she died when she was only 11 years old. the only thing she left without telling anyone was her time under the Yellow tunnel. Or so she thought. While her best friend, Grace, was looking through some of her old stuff Grace found a little purple note book. The only thing on the cover was her name. It said "June".  As Grace was fliping through the book there was one page that she thought was very interesting. All it said was "Under the Yellow brick Road"

In Time

Finally, I caught up. I came in second place. I got home at two o'clock and once I got home, I had to baby sit two children named Tim and John. Five hours later, I'm finally putting those two rambunctious kids to bed. 


So there is this really weird store that i walk pass every day walking to school. It's called spaghetti.And it looks like theres no one in there its honestly really kind of one day i decided to walk in and something really weird happend. i fell through a hole right when i walked in.Kind of like "Alice and Wonderland" but instead in a spaghetti store.I walked out of the door after falling and ended up in a place filled with spaghetti. Weird... i know right.

the man who changed the world

I think that Thomas Jefferson is very important in the USA. He was the third president and was an American Founding Father as well as the "principal author of the Declaration of Independence " (Wikipedia). Thomas was born on April 13th, 1743, and he died on July 4th, 1826. All in all, Thomas was a very important man.

Spaghetti confetti

I have been walking past this restraunt for years not once have I walked in. Every time I walk past this I never went inside except today I forgot my food to go to work and missed breakfast. So I had to go in and eat they're spaghetti and I hate spaghetti. I walk in the restrunat and I already hate it because all the other food is gone leaving me with only spaghetti and water. Once I get my table and order my food I realized that no one else was there it's usaly packed with people but for some reason not today. After a while of waiting for my food and not coming I get up and walk to the register no one was there in the kitchen, or by the register. I then realize that a window is broken and the lights had gone out. I then realize the broken window is the size of my body to fit. Main charcter


I walk by this sign everyday and it seems normal. But today, I have the sudden urge to follow it and see where it leads me to. After a while of thinking I decide to follow it and it points to a door covered in vines. I have to rip off all of them to get into it but eventually I'm able to open it up. But there is nothing on the other side, there's not even a ground to walk on. My mind keeps on telling me to jump, and I do... I wake up and see parmesan floating in the sky, as I look around, I see more parmesan floating in the sky. I look at the ground and it is covered in noodles. The trees are made from noodles and meatballs, and there is tomato sauce everywhere! I stand up and start down a pathway. In the distance, I see an outline of a building and as I get closer I realize the walls are made from noodles. When I get there I look up to see where the sun is and see a giant glowing meatball! All I see is noodles, meatballs and tomato sauce! Am i going crazy? I run to the building to see if the inside isn't made out of noodles and end up walking into a spaghetti factory. I see workers making spaghetti using spaghetti made tools. Is there anything besides spaghetti? Where do I leave this place? I walked through a door but didn't see one when I woke up. I need to get out of here. I run outside and here and alarm, a loud voice echoes through the sky saying, "acid parmesan is raining from the sky, get inside now!" I run back to the doors but they are locked! There is no other building in sight and there's only one pathway, and it's the one I came from. I find an umbrella next to the building and use it to cover myself from the acid parmesan. I start running back on the trail but the umbrella isn't holding up very well. The noodles are starting to rip apart. I get back to where I woke up and see a door on the hill. The umbrella has almost completely fallen apart and The parmesan is ripping the noodled floor apart! I only have the hill to run up now. As I start running up it, I step in a hole and trip over, the noodles are engulfing me, the more I try to escape, the more I get stuck, I take the uncooked noodles from the umbrella's pole and use it to cut the noodles so I can escape. I finally escape and get to the door and open it up. I fall back onto the ground. I made it out. I escaped the world of noodles.

The cave

One day I was walking through the forest on a blistering winters day, I was on my way to go to my friends house, hes named Bill.

on my way I saw a shadow of a caped little man in the trees on the blinding snow, Were my eyes playing tricks on me or is there a creature that was watching me, i ran. As fast as i could but I still could feel the creatures eyes burning into my back it was scary.

I heard a swooshing sound a then a tiny little man grasped onto my back peircing through my jacket it hurt, i felt a huge gash in my back i tried to move but it was so heavy or there were more six seven eight of them were clawing at me, putting salt into my wounds i felt a huge club hit my head and the last thing i remembered was waking up in a cave in a chair locked up in a cell and this is when i wrote this.


The House

Hi my name is Saddie, I am camping right now and I want to explore around the campsite a little before it gets dark! there is an old abadond house I really want to explore but my mom said I can't go alone, so my dad is coming with me! okay we are there, I am going in right now I am kind of scared! I go into a room  

The one rule you must follow is to follow no rules.

The one rule you must follow is to follow no rules. 

If you follow the rule of not following any rules than you are breaking the rule of not following any rules, but if you don't follow the rule of following no rules, than you are following rules, which would break the rule of not following any rules. So either way you're breaking the one rule you have to follow. People's heads could probably explode from thinking about this problem a lot. Logicists have spent more than 10 years thinking about this problem. Yep! Don't think about this too much!


Every day I pay no attention to what is supposed to be the strangest store in town,spaghetti. This store was named spaghetti,and as  I said before I never paid attention to this store.Every day I did the same routine, go to school past the strange restaraunt and back home past the strange restaurant. As I said this is the routine I did every day,but one day I didn't follow my routine. I walked to school past the restaurant but on the way home I didn't stick to my routine.I saw the spahgetti sign in the window and it was like it was pulling me in,I reckon I even stumbled.I went into the restaurant it was like no costumers had ever been there. It had the a musty feeling. As I was looking at more flaws I saw a bowl of spaghetti and knew I would never be the same...

The Evil One

So you know those elves that work with santa? Well if you do then don't think about them, think bigger like whats other than those Good elves that deliver presents to you, think about the evil ones like the one called the evil elf.