Choose one of the photos in the slideshow and write a story or poem about it.

Sheep on the loose

Sheep! that was the last thing Annabelle wanted to be worrying about, she would rather be doing math homework than chasing after the sheep again. She walked down the hill where her house sat. It was getting dark and cold, she had to find them fast before they wandered to fast. She crossed the small brook at the base of the hill and bent down to go over the fence. She jumped down and walked, and walked, and walked. Glancing down at her watch she realized she had been walking for almost an hour. It was now 9:30! The sun had gone down long ago and her flashlight seemed to be slightly dimming. She was now far away from her home and the light from the windows were now small specks. She knew it was time to call it quits. She retraced her steps, climbed over the fence, crossed the brook, and prepared to tell her parents the news that she had lost the sheep. Opening the door as quietly as she could she felt like crying. Her mom stood next to the table doing paperwork.

“Mom,” she began. “I lost the sheep. I came home and they weren’t there and I tried I really tried to go after them. I really did. Please don’t be angry with me.” Annabelle began to cry. The sheep weren’t even theirs, they belonged to a neighbor that went on a vacation for the summer and couldn’t take care of them. What would they say? She looked up at her mother who began to laugh. “We were wondering where you wandered off too.” while you were out the sheep must have come back before you did because they have been here the whole time!” She told me it was alright and that I could go right to bed. I was so relieved, but also annoyed. Those sheep had gotten me so scared.



The door was big and white, with its paint peeling and chipping. It was slightly intimidating due to its harsh look. I looked it up and down once more because I was too scared to go right into the door. It seemed to give off a cold breeze that chilled my cheeks. I stepped forward. The boards creaked as my foot hit the floor. I took another step forward, the same thing happened. I was now face to face with this white beast, looking it straight in the eye. I stared back at me with the most frightening look, making me shiver. I pushed the door open very slowly, while it screamed with rusty hinges. I cringed at the sound and stepped forward into the darkness. My eyes were closed at this point until I heard it. The spine-chilling sound of another foot touching the 200-year-old floors. I ran back into the room I was in before and started to sweat even more than I was already. My breath started speeding up and my heart was pounding harder than a drum at a concert. I heard more footsteps which sounded like scurrying across the floor upstairs into another room. I wanted to find out what this thing was or if it was just a normal person who had gotten here before me who was trying to scare me or if it was just my imagination. I went through the huge doorway once again into the pitch black room, luckily there was some light shining in through a broken window, creating a good source of some light. Across from me, there was another doorway, with glass panels in them, most broken, which was also peeling its way to death. One door was open, allowing the light to reach the floor inside the room. I looked around to gather an idea of what was surrounding me. A broken chair in the far corner, covered by darkness, with a coffee table sitting there as well. A painting that was so scratched up you couldn’t tell any of what was illustrated. There was nothing else laying around in this rundown room, aside from some paper scattered on the floor.


I walked through the doorway into the little room with the window, and right in front of the window was the stairway to the upper level. There was a pipe laying in front of my feet in which I picked up and ran up the stairs shouting,


“I know you’re up there, and I will hurt you if you hurt me!”


I got the end of the spiraling stairs and came to the most confusing room I have ever walked into. There was random writing covering the walls and drawings depicting brutal deaths. Also, on the floor in a very large font was written 56 in hash marks. Beside the writing was a circle of candles surrounding a severed goat head. I wanted to puke. Even though I hadn’t seen the thing I knew it was here and it was warping my thoughts. My vision was blurry, I got light-headed and I fell to the ground.


Blink, Blink. It was now dark, and I was laying on the floor surrounded by lit candles. This tall, lanky silhouette was standing over me, a knife in hand. I knew it was over and closed my eyes. That's when I felt it in my chest.


The woods

It was a bright and sunny day, as the four friends strolled through the deep and lively woods, past where four sheep were oddly placed in a fenced in area. The birds were chirping, and there was wild dogs heard in the distance. As the friends wandered around the wind started to pick up, the trees started swaying in the wind as leaves and other small plants swooped in circles around the friends.

“Ah, this is such a nice time to be outside.” jordan, said directed to ellie, who responded in a harsh tone saying “I think that we should be inside, and not wasting our time wandering the woods with all three of you idiots.” Jordan looked at ellie in disgust, “oh my god you are so unreasonable.” Elle rolled her eyes and they continued walking. As they were walking they noticed there friends weren't behind them. “Um. Guys!” jordan yelled, she turned to talk to ellie and she was gone. “No!” jordan yelled in fear, then he looked up to see four disfigured sheep perched in the tree branches looking right at him. “Ellie where are you!” he yelled as the animal creatures all leapt off the branches in unison.

“Bang!” jordan woke up off of the floor with a bump on his head. “Ug, that was a horrible dream.” jordan said to himself as he woke up and looked out the window past his garage to the neighbor's house, and at the edge of the woods saw his neighbors four sheep in an oddly places fencing area.              


Sleep with Sheep

I lay awake, in the middle of the night. Nothing makes a peep.

I stand up, go to the window, and look into the field.

How I wish I could be out there, playing with the fur

Of big, soft sheep.

The next morning I do my chores,

go out to the barn, and feed the horse.

I'm never allowed to be with sheep,

which might be why I cannot sleep.

The day goes on, and I reach deep.

Why can't I sleep with sheep?

I grab a pillow, blanket and sheets,

Run out to the field of green and wheat.

I set my items down, preparing to sleep,

and now I'm surrounded by stinky, smelly sheep.

Maybe I'll go back. Counting them was pretty neat.

The alleyway

As I turned the corner I realized I couldn't see my friend Allie anymore, but as I walked further looking around to figure where she might have gone, I noticed two old wooden doors slightly creaked open. Knowing that Allie has quite a curiosity, I assumed she just got quit intrigued to see what laid beyond the doors. As I remembered all the books I have read in the past that is probably the one thing you shouldn't when you see a building that you've never seen or heard of before. I finally got enough courage to go through the doors, as I realized that it was a silly thing for me to think about its just an old barn I reassure myself. As I walked in I saw a long hall going into an open space, as it came into view I saw.... more doors great. "BOO"


"You scared me."

"How could I scare you their is nothing to scared of."

"Sure its not like were in an old abandon house or anything."

"Now that I think about you want to get out of here?'


What is that

“What is that?” said the first sheep to the second sheep. “I don't know what that is,” said the second sheep to the first sheep. “What are we looking at ?” said the third sheep to the first and second sheep. “That's what we want to know,” said the first and the second sheep. “Do think anyone knows what it is?” said the fourth sheep to the first, second and, third sheep.

“Maybe,” said the first sheep.

“It's possible,” said the second sheep.

“Does it really matter?” said the third sheep.

“I think so,” said the fifth sheep. “Otherwise, we are just wasting time staring at something that may not even be there.” So the first, second, third, fourth and, fifth sheep, walked away. Because in fact the fifth sheep did not know this but he had pinned the tail on the sheep, if you will, because there was, in fact, nothing there.


New Neighbors

Andrew and Elizabeth usually spend their days in their studio apartment in New York City, but when Andrew got an idea to start working on another novel he got to work right away.  He had started to write his book, and it was supposed to be about a group of middle aged men robbing a bank. He was even going to write about how they plotted out the plan and how they exited it, but he got very stuck on the idea that there was something wrong with his brain because after about two pages of writing he was starting to get writers block and couldn't find anything else to write about in his book.  So he came up with a plan with his wife to move to the countryside and completely forget about what he was writing about, he changed his story to a city family moving to the countryside and it being completely different and having to adapt to the way things were done out there. He and his wife looked for about a week or so before they found the perfect property located in a small town in VT and they didn't hesitate for one second, they set everything up and bought the house.  When they had arrived at their new dream home a few weeks later and it seemed almost perfect, but of course, everything started to fall apart. Their moving van lost the map and could not find the house so Andrew and Elizabeth were stranded in the middle of nowhere, not knowing anybody, and having no service. Andrew wanted to absolutely freak out, but the only thing that mattered to him was his wife Elizabeth's happiness, which she was so he was completely fine. She had even came up with a great plan for her to go for a walk with their dog Daisy to see the new property while Andrew stayed at the house and continued to try and write his novel.  So she did just that, she gathered her jacket and put a leash on daisy. And set off for their journey.

Abandoned House

The time was 5:25 AM, the sun was just about to rise with the sky full with the colors orange, purple, and blue. Outside the window there was a light fog surrounding the mountain tops. I was just about to get out of bed when my husky puppy, Ella, decided to jump on to my bed. After getting ready for the day I decided that we would go on a walk  but go further in the trails then I normally go with her, but little did I know there was an abandoned and rotting house further on the trail. When we arrived to this mysterious building I was curious and decided that I would go in and see if there was anything of importance in the building. The first step I took into the building the smell of rotten wood and a hit of other different nature smells like the smell of the pine trees. The style and architecture of the house almost seemed modern but still so old, wondering the hall there were renices of photos, and broken furniture pieces. When I looked down and noticed the time with the realization that I would have to leave and go to work. I decided that  I would have to come back and look more into the past about this building. So I left to go to work and bring Ella to her dog school, but on the way but home on the trails I realized that the home felt familiar

Never Ending Path

Once I was walking around town it was a cold day but the sun was out so that made it a little bit warmer. There was all these cool things like sculptures, little fireplaces, and stuff you would normally see on the streets. I caught a glimse of this path I guess out of the corner of my eye. It was about the size of a door frame big enough that you could walk through but you could not see the end it kinda looked like pensiles that were put together to make a path. There was a little sign that said find out what is at the end so of course I wanted to find out so I started walking. It felt like I was walking for hours but every time I would look at my watch it would say Ive only walked about five or so minutes I was getting ceriouse but i kept walking I really wanted to find out what was at the end so I started running so maybe I will get there sooner. In the distance I saw other people walking back from it so I ran up to them and asked what was at the end but they didnt go to the end because it was to long for them. So I kept walking maybe I would get there sooner or later. I got to what I thought was a fork in the path it said go this way if you wanna get out of here the other sign said go this way if you still wanna find out whats at the end so i chose to keep going. I checked my watch it only said I was walking for 30 minutes thats not true so I just kept on walking. Finally I got to a door it said what you have walked all he way for is just behind this door I opened it a person came out and said you just walked for no reason and then he gave me a sticker that said you have completed a 5 mile walk after that i went right home cause i was so tired after that and i was sour for the next couple days.

The hallway

One day there was a orange hallway i went down it.It was so long i was confused i thought hmm what should i do.I kept walking down and down and down it didn't stop i kept walking non stop i was super tired so i thought i would take a break and the i started walking back i was the same way and then i was so lost so i just stayed there not moving.Then i saw a shadow and a black cat i was super confused.I just listen not talking or moving then the shadow came back it was just my friend i was so scared then i screamed her name. THE END